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  1. Re: How to grocery shop with TODDLER?!? *** For NEW BEGINNI

    With my DS, I typically tried to get a cart that had a car on the front, then buckle him in. I would try to have snacks on hand so that he'd be occupied while I shopped. If that didn't work, I wore...
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    Re: 17 months

    Never. Your body will continue to tailor your milk to your baby's specific age and needs for as long as they nurse.
  3. Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    My DS (almost 3.5) went in phases, but didn't consistently STTN til he was almost 2 (about a month before he self weaned). My DD is almost 15 months, and still doesn't STTN most of the time. She will...
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    HELP! 12 month old biting!

    My newly minted 12 month old (birthday was 2 days ago) decided about 3 days ago that she'd bite me every so often. I nursed my now 3 year old DS til he was 2 years old, and never remember it being...
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    Re: Sad after weaning 21 month old

    I can understand how you feel. My first was 18 months old when I became pregnant with #2. The horrible pain of nursing just got worse as the weeks went by because of the pregnancy. When he was almost...
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    Re: ENT or Dentist

    I think it depends on who has more experience with clipping it, since it sounds like you have the option of both. My DS was tongue tied, and his pediatrician wanted to wait until a lot later to get...
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    Re: Weight is outrageous!

    Agree with the PPs. Just keep doing what you're doing! My son nursed around the clock when he was a newborn. He was 6 lbs 13 oz at birth....7 weeks was 12.6lbs, 12 weeks was 16lbs! He was over 20lbs...
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    Re: What are your breasts "called"?

    Used to be "na-na" or "na-na's", now it's "milk". He'll hold up my bra when I'm doing laundry and say "milk". After he's done with one side, it's "udder side", then "all done". I love it! :)
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    DS is now almost 19.5 months and nursing 4 times a day (3 times on each side). He eats a good amount of solids (I think), and drinks water. He does not get much, if any juice, and has not been...
  10. Re: Nursing 18 month old, pregnant, and losing weight?

    The weird thing is, I have an appetite. In fact, I've been eating a little more than I usually do. I think it's due to nursing, but it's nice to know that other moms have experienced this! :)
  11. Nursing 18 month old, pregnant, and losing weight?

    I recently confirmed that I'm pregnant (about 4.5 weeks along, so not far), and am still nursing my 18 month old DS. For the past 4 months, I've been working to get into better shape for the next...
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    Re: Newbie needs a bra!! Please

    I never found nursing bras that worked well for me (32F cup), so I went to a lingerie store, got some very good support bras (that were pretty to boot!), and for $10 a bra, got them changed into...
  13. Re: for those who have older babies just starting solids

    My DS wasn't really interested in solids until he was about 10-11 months. I started offering soft foods like banana, sweet potato, etc, when he was about 6-7 months. I just continued offering things...
  14. Temas: Help

    by @llli*imawbug

    Help please...at wit's end...

    My DS is now 1 year old, and we're still going strong on nursing. About 3 weeks ago though, I ended up having a plugged duct that I caught before it morphed into anything worse. I proceeded to have a...
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    Re: 6mos but doesn't sit unaided

    Agree with the PP's. Go with what seems to be right for your child. My DS went almost 10 months before really being interested in solids, and now at just over 1 year, his diet is still mostly BM. He...
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    Re: When did your LO start eating solids?

    Around 9-10 months? Before that he would just gag and spit up the food. Even now (almost 1 year old), he still doesn't eat a lot, and only recently (last few weeks) started getting more interested in...
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    Re: starting solids now it's too early?

    Agree with PP. Also, some babies aren't ready at 6 months. My LO was 20.6 lbs at 6 months and no interest in solids, as well as no readiness (no pincer grasp, tongue thrust still there, etc). He...
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    Re: Help - newborn mom

    Oh, and I agree with PP! Ditch the pacifier! If you're bound and determined to use it, wait til at least 8 weeks to introduce when your milk supply is firmly established.
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    Re: Help - newborn mom

    Hi Momma, first hang in there, most of us have been there! Have you listened to the swallows when he's eating? Are there always consistent swallows or do they trail off? He sounds like a "nip and...
  20. Re: 10 month old stopped sleeping through the night. What to do?

    No swollen gums. He got 2 teeth 2 months ago, 2 front bottom ones, nothing since. He's been teething since 4 months, and he seems to be following the pattern of his father (only 2 teeth at 1 year),...
  21. 10 month old stopped sleeping through the night. What to do?

    My LO recently turned 10 months, and for the last couple of weeks, has not been sleeping through the night. This is unusual since he has been sleeping through the night for months. We were on...
  22. Re: How long did your mensturation take to return?

    Came back just after 9 months. I had breakthrough bleeding the month prior, but definitely not a period. My LO is now almost 10 months, haven't had another one yet, but I'm still not ovulating, which...
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    Re: 8 months

    OP: I have an almost 9 month old who has very little interest in solids. He has just in the last week started having more interest, but even then doesn't eat much. I never gave him baby food, and...
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    Re: struggling..... need suuport

    Sorry your DH is so unsupportive. It sounds like everything is going well, and you don't have to worry about it! The only thing I would question is if your LO is getting enough hindmilk, since poops...
  25. Re: Why do I not find the Boppy helpful for nursing? Am I missing something?

    I tried to use it for nursing, but it didn't work well for me...however, it worked great using it as a donut while my stitches healed! :D
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