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    Re: Is dimpling always a bad sign?

    The most important part is how nursing feels and how well baby is getting milk. If nursing feels fine and you are not having any nipple injury and baby is gaining well then don't worry about...
  2. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    Well perhaps back to normal since no poop yesterday.

    Been eating almost hourly but often not much at any one time.
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    I agree that It will get better, however, it will take a little bit to get better, don't expect a complete turn around in only a few days.

    I originally came to the forum when my LO was 10 days old...
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    Re: painful breastfeeding (3 week old)

    Get checked for thrush. If it is then both you and baby need to be treated.

    Is baby clamping down on you due to fast letdown?

    You don't actually have to nurse with both breasts, no reason not...
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    True, I was thinking along the lines of, if baby is only getting supplements a few times per day, AND if Daddy can be doing the finger feeding while mom pumps, that should take some pressure off all...
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    Feeding much more often and offering both breasts is good. Even offering the first breast again and second breast again if baby is still hungry. However, I have to agree with Mommal, if supplement...
  7. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    Does anyone know of anything that would cause less frequent poops when baby is given expressed breast milk?

    I've stopped supplementing several days ago and been just breastfeeding frequently. We...
  8. Re: Nipple soreness after pumping--please help!

    is this the same old pump? An old pump caused me injury. And nipple size can change over time hence sometimes the need for different size shields.
  9. Re: Sore breasts, but no plugged ducts or engorgement?

    have you tried cold to see if it helps?

    I'm not sure most of my pain comes from my LO clamping down on me .
  10. Re: Sore breasts, but no plugged ducts or engorgement?

    is it sore all over or just around the nipple?

    Can you describe the pain?
  11. Re: baby latches and unlatches over and over and over

    It seems that there are so many possible causes for popping on/off and/or pulling/tugging on the breast.

    I've not found any sure fire way to stop it. Best measure is before you flip out...
  12. Re: A six year old's thoughts on breastfeeding

    Wow, Love it
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    Definitely, your support in whatever your wife wants to do at this point is SOOOO important.

    Also, make sure baby is checked for tongue/lip ties.

    Here is a site to search for IBCLC's since...
  14. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    Well he seems to be feeling better now and he took a total of just over 23 oz over the past 24 hours and his weight is up over what it was the day before yesterday by more than an ounce so my growing...
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    Re: Losing my milk - HELP!!

    I personally would take the OB up on the offer of Reglan provided they are willing to prescribe an effective dosage for this purpose. There are some dangerous side effects of Reglan and you have to...
  16. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    Introducing too many bottles now is not a good thing. A bottle or two per week maybe just to make sure baby will take it, keep them small like 1 oz and finish at breast for now is a good idea.
  17. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    When I went to the Dr concerned with weight gain all they seemed to want to do was push me to bottle feed formula instead of trying to find cause.

    I still haven't figured out how to find a new...
  18. Re: 5 weeks shallow latch and bottlefeeding

    I'm sure it will vary and if you baby is objecting to fingers in the mouth it may be a bigger challenge for you but we were doing therapy for about 6 weeks I think. My LO didn't get his tongue/lip...
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    Re: Help! Baby won't nurse!

    Finding people to help with tongue/lip ties

    And other things/resources for poor milk transfer problems....
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    Re: 4.5mo chosen to bottlefeed?

    5, 5 oz feeds while you are at work?!?!?!?! That's 25 ounces?!?!?!? Or almost an entire day's worth of food for most babies. That sounds to me as if baby is being over fed by the Nanny.

    Are you...
  21. Re: 5 weeks shallow latch and bottlefeeding

    Yes, you just need to find some sort of therapist that is experienced working with infants with problems eating effectively. I went to a speech pathologist but there are occupational therapists or...
  22. Re: 5 weeks shallow latch and bottlefeeding


    Have you looked onto any therapy to help improve her suck?

    A bottle isn't likely to help her suck or latch so I...
  23. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    You are still in the very early days so nurse on demand and any time you feel you need to have him nurse. With a newborn, it is fine to wake him to nurse if you feel it has been too long since last...
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    Re: Resources for Milk Transfer Issues

    after correcting the transfer issues and going to extremes to bring my milk supply up (finally started on Domperidone and upped the dosage to 90 mg per day 2 weeks ago), I finally dropped the final...
  25. Re: totally consumed--baby only taking bottle

    can you describe the milk transfer problem in more detail?
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