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  1. Re: Praise Report - and some things I learned!

    Babygurl, you pushed on when you had little support from your extended family and made it happen with a single pump! You know I think the world of you :hug And now your little man is getting bigger...
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    Re: Meds and Breastfeeding

    i regularly flush my sinuses with saline and that has kept me for having problems for years. here's a link to kellymom.com that may help http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/cold-remedy.html
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    Re: So it's started (biting)

    Owen bloodied me a few times while teething, it was not pretty. And like Mommluvsu said her son laughed when she tried to correct him, well so did Owen. He was biting me all the time, not just on...
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    Re: Number of times/day for 1-year old

    Andrea I missed this thread earlier. Laith is exactly one month younger than Owen and I can tell you that I don't even know how many times a day Owen nurses. Sometimes it is because he is hungry...
  5. Re: 9 months old and in 5th percentile for weight

    I second that. at my ds's 12 mo well baby he was in the 2% for weight. he is perfect in every way. if someone is at 98% then someone has to be at 2%, KWIM? One thing that you will get from...
  6. Re: Any crackers that are healthy for 13mo?

    have you tried the late july brand - they are organic and make a ritz like cracker -they are good too!
  7. Re: "Unique", unexplainable, acute nipple pain - answers??

    i hope someone can help - maybe a moderator can provide some helpful info
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    Re: Hand Sanitizer

    target now carries a product by clean well which does not have alcohol in it

    also check out www.mytinyhands.com - you may be able to avoid the need for it all...
  9. Re: "Unique", unexplainable, acute nipple pain - answers??

    i have no help to offer just a :hug i hope that you are able to find answers soon. as hard as it was good for you for trying everything - you should feel proud of yourself.
  10. Re: how to get 14mo to eat more solids?

    i am in the same boat, although it seems we are doing a little better - my ds is 13 mo...i look forward to hearing replies
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    Re: Munchkin mesh feeder

    I am not sure what brand I had (I purchased them from One Step Ahead), but I noticed that after a few runs in the dishwasher they bags started to almost disintegrate. That is when I gave up on...
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    Re: Strange convo with DH

    same with my DH here, although he is proud that Owen is still a 'boob man'!
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    Re: 9 wk old - sleep issues

    :ita ( I think the white thing is a socioeconomic variable that is included because with a lower ec. standing there might not be access to prenatal care, or the information such as what you mentioned...
  14. Re: Weaned in Nov, BUT he's still processing

    what a beautiful story...we should all be so lucky. I love that "nursery" reminded him of bfing - too sweet :happytears
  15. Re: 10 1/2 monthes and not wanting to nurse:(

    is he getting sick, acting different in any way? did he sleep the same as usual last night? teeth - those buggers can ruin everything? could be a strike?
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    Re: How long should we feed on one side

    it might be tricky to tell at first but soon you will get the hang of it. there really is no set amount of time you should feed per side. some babies eat from both at every feeding, some only one...
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    Re: How long should we feed on one side

    can you give us a little more info?
    how old is your baby? how has his weight gain been so far?

    a little more info will help us give you better answers - you are right about the hindmilk being...
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    Re: I did I did!!!!

    You go girl! Boobs rock!:clap
  19. Re: One year old and still not eating solids

    totally OT, but Leslie that is one of the cutest pics of a boy I have ever seen - love the avatar!
  20. Re: One year old and still not eating solids

    I am in the same exact boat, I have a 121/2 month old who will nibble, but barely on some days. Read this book: My Child Won't Eat. It is eye opening and reassuring...after doing so I know that my...
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    Re: Feeding tips

    is she still nursing? do not force her to eat. relax for a few days and then resume. does she want to feed herself? maybe you can let her try, messy, but could avoid the tears.
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    Re: How do you know when to intro food?


    here's another kellymom.com link
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    Re: Question about baby led solids

    bumping for melindabwell
  24. Re: Plz help again! Cracked peeled nipples! I can't take it!

    :hugI cannot tell you how to make it work b/c i have not been there. have you tired to contact an LC, or an LLL leader in your area. You are at an advantage b/c of your experience you know what...
  25. Re: Zantac experiences/pacifiers--an all in one thread--

    yes try a few to see what fits her best. we used the gerber Nuk, the latex was his fave, as opposed to the silicone.
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