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  1. Re: help me with my toddler nursing please

    Thanks to you all for your support . I read the gordon method and started it two nights ago. The short feedings and putting back to sleep awake are going ok. Theres been a couple times when ive...
  2. help me with my toddler nursing please

    Its about 1145pm and I finally put down my 23month old dd and told my dh "if I have to nurse her any longer I'm going to puke." She had been switching sides and looking drowsy to wide awake since...
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    Re: Pediatrician's Advice

    At my 1year baby appt, my pedi's exact words were "the breastmilk now has no nutrional value". Honestly. Thank goodness I know better. I wonder how many other mamas stopped because of that. It is...
  4. baby has very low iron and I feel awful

    Hello mamas. My baby was born at 27 weeks 4 days. She is now 9 months old and doing great. She is growing and happy and right on track with her corrected age. We just started giving her a little...
  5. Re: What is the big deal about rice cereal?

    Thanks ladies! She's 6 months in a few days, but only 3 months corrected. She was a micro preemie. She shows no signs of readiness from that list.

    She came home at 4lbs 3ozs. After 2 months she...
  6. What is the big deal about rice cereal?

    Every time I see my mil she asks about rice cereal. I've said over and over I don't think the baby is ready, she says ok and asks again a week later.

    Well she came over and not only did she...
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    Re: an introduction and question

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Good news is the last 2 days the poop has seemed to go back to the nice mustardy color. I suppose maybe she did have a little bug that worked itself out? Or...
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    Re: an introduction and question

    Hmm well I haven't noticed anything else.... no mucous or froth or anything. I figured if she had a bug shed be acting differently.....I wonder. I've put off calling the pedi because I just don't...
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    an introduction and question

    Hello, I'm a lurker with a question. Forgive typos please I post from my phone.

    Backround story ~ at 28 weeks I developed severe pre e and had a placental abruption. M daughter was born by c...
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