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    Re: I give up...

    our LO's have the same birthday!!!!!

    and, I can tell you, mine wakes up too every 1h to 1.5h and sometimes more frequently than that. She has done this for a number of months now.

    I don't...
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    are probiotics okay?

    LO is 6m old and on antibiotics. Is she too young to give probiotics to, is it safe? I've had 2 differing opinions from 2 pharmacists.

    If it IS ok, I have some questions:
    1. what types of...
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    when can I give lentils?

    LO just turned 6 months on Friday :yikes

    I will raise her vegetarian and I'm worried about protein and iron. When can I introduce chick peas, lentils, kidney beans etc etc??

    thank you!
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    Re: becoming resentful

    thanks ladies. This has been going on for 2 months now -- could it still be teething?? I will try the Tylenol.. I've given it to her 3x before and noticed she did sleep after those doses. And I've...
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    becoming resentful

    this I APO another parenting board but thought I'd share here too.

    I cannot function anymore with the way things are and feel I'm becoming resentful to my LO at nighttime. She is 6m old, EBF,...
  6. DF wants me to stop co-sleeping! too late?

    So LO is 5 months old now, and when we brought her home she didn't like her crib nor the bassinet.. the only way she'd sleep is if she was with me. We were told not to use the CIO method until 6...
  7. Re: scared to start solids because of literature!

    thanks ladies! this has been a lot of "food for thought" hahahahaha

    I give her a soft spoon now, and she totally puts the correct end into her mouth and closes her lips around it. I'll have to...
  8. Re: scared to start solids because of literature!

    shoot -- and I should mention that I am chronically iron-deficient (even as a child when I ate meat) and am very concerned that LO will also become so. Does anyone use extra vitamins or supplements?
  9. Re: scared to start solids because of literature!

    thanks! I have already been doing research. I do plan on making my own babyfood, and I've thought about starting on various things: brown rice cereal, bananas, avocado. I just havent' decided...
  10. scared to start solids because of literature!

    my LO is 5 months old (today!). She shows all the signs of being ready to eat solids (holds head, sits well supported, very interested in food, she's starting to crawl and related or not, wakes up...
  11. Re: guilt is keeping me going, please help

    PS - also been to LLL meetings but nobody can help with this. Thanks.
  12. guilt is keeping me going, please help

    My LO is 7 weeks, I've had painful latchon and nipples from day 1. I've had mastitis requiring antibiotics (and a c section so I got abx then too). I've had cracked and bleeding nipples and...
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