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    Skipping Pureed Foods?

    Hi! I've been EBf'ing for six months now and although I'M not ready, I think my DD is definitely ready for food. She grabs at any and everything that comes near my mouth. She drank water out of a...
  2. Re: FTM problem with latching on one side

    DD and I had trouble on the right side. The pain was blood curdling when she would latch. They gave me a...nipple/breast shield(?) to wear when I wasn't nursing and told me to out laniosh (sp) on...
  3. Re: Why does baby sleep better with dad? (Long)

    We have the same issue except different. I'm going to say #2...
    DD sleeps upstairs in her own crib and I've learned to tune out a lot of her grunting and fidgeting, occasional outcries etc. She...
  4. Re: growth spurt AND STTN, my boobs are so confused!?!?

    I just wanted to let you know I read it! I don't have any advice though :o) I'm having the same STTN issue except I already am block feeding so if I don't wake her in the middle of the night (I've...
  5. Afraid to let her sleep and skip pumping

    It's me again! I feel like I post a lot of questions. :rolleyes: Sorry if this doesn't make sense or is over complicated. I just dont want to mess with my supply!
    I have a healthy 8 week old. Our...
  6. Re: dr. worried about baby gaining weight too fast?

    You can't overfeed an on demand baby, but can you offer too much? I have a healthy 7 week old who was staying up until 11pm some nights just hanging out. I started waking her every 2.5 hours in the...
  7. Re: Baby Still Cluster Feeding, Help!

    My baby is 7 weeks old and still cluster feeds in the evening :) It's hard at times, but it's good for supply and good for the baby, so I try to make the most of it. And she is sleeping longer...
  8. Re: Sleeping through the night and worried about milk supply

    I'm also scared because I have a 7 week old who is currently still asleep! It's been almost 6 hours! I don't know what to do with myself! Let it ride or go wake her?! I'm returning to work today at...
  9. Re: Milk Spray or Reflux Congestion?

    Thanks guys; I'll definitely bring it up at her 8 week appt and just let it be known!
  10. Re: Pumping, STTN, & Working Nights

    So does anyone have any advice? My LO is seven weeks old and right now is still sleep--that's 5.5 hours for her. I don't know if I should wake her or go pump one side or what. And now I'm really...
  11. Re: Milk Spray or Reflux Congestion?

    How will the pedi know if it's one or the other? I really don't want to have to put her on medication and like I said it doesn't seem to be causing any pain, just annoyance at the congestion at times.
  12. Milk Spray or Reflux Congestion?

    I have a 7 week old who is gaining well and eating well. Her pooping has slowed way down since the six week mark, but other than that BFing seems to be going really well.
    Trouble is, she is always...
  13. Re: Pumping, STTN, & Working Nights

    haha me too! I think what I'm going to do is try and nurse around 11p and then pump the side she didn't nurse at 2:30a and the other side at 5:30a an hopefully nurse when I return home or I'll have...
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    Re: 6 week old, no poop in two dayd

    Day 4, still no poop :(
    She doesn't seem upset more than usual or anything. I, however, am constipated and the nurse at her doctor's office said I should get some fiber in my diet. Wonder if me...
  15. Pumping, STTN, & Working Nights

    Hi! I have an EBF six week old. I will be returning to work in a week :yikes She usually sleeps in a 3.5 hour stretch and then a 4 hour stretch. I wake her for at least one of those (I've gone longer...
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    Re: 6 week old, no poop in two dayd

    I have to wake her lol, not want her haha!
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    6 week old, no poop in two dayd

    Hi there :) I have a six week old who hasnt Pooped in two full days. Today is number three. She is eating well and peeing well, and up until recently had several yellow BM's a day. Her last one was...
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    Re: Do I have to start now?

    Ok great, thanks! I will probably just hold off until a day or two before work then :) I do have OALD/OS(?) on my left side and it had gotten better, no more leaking, choking, etc, and since I...
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    Do I have to start now?

    Hi! Im going back to work the third week of January (which is in roughly two weeks). I started pumping at the beginning of this week: once in the am, once during DD1's naptime, and once before bed....
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    Re: Pumping timing help pls

    I would so 6 hours is waaaayy too long to go without pumping or nursing that early on. I've been told and read that the first 4-6 weeks ish are the building blocks of your supply and your breasts...
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    Re: cleaning pump at work

    Can the microwave steam thing be any brand/made for bottles or does it have to be Medela/pump specific?
  22. Tips for Pumping WHILE Nursing w/o $$$ bras

    Soooo Ive started pumping some in preparation for my return to work. I have an almost 4 year old whom I feel is already getting shafted (a little) by the amount of time spent nursing, but now to pump...
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    Re: On demand? There is no demand!

    We were doing well! She will be a month old tomorrow but today she's only eaten maybe five to seven minutes per feeding and still sleeping in between. I'm concerned about my supply? My breasts don't...
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    Re: Mother's milk tea

    Thanks! Probably can't get it at walmart huh? lol
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    Re: Mother's milk tea

    Can you drink it every day?
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