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  1. Re: Experienced tandem nurser needs help!!!

    Thank you both for your replies. I am going to have some oatmeal now (at work). My baby nurses on demand at home but he takes a bottle while at daycare. I pump at work twice a day. Usually that was...
  2. Experienced tandem nurser needs help!!!

    I am an experienced BF mom. I tandem my 9 month old son and my 3.8 year old daughter. I have always noticed that one breast produces more milk. In the last couple of days I have noticed that my...
  3. Gassy, unhappy baby (and toddler)

    I am the mother of an almost 3 year old girl (on 9/24) and a 4 week old boy. I continue to nurse my daughter as well as my son. My son is having several issues: he was born 4 weeks early and although...
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    Re: BF 2 year old and TTC

    Thank you everyone. I'm picking up the book today! :)
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    Re: BF 2 year old and TTC

    We have trying (sort of) for a few months. I get a period every month so I should be ovulating...right? I no longer pump during the day but we cosleep and I nurse before going to work and on demand...
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    BF 2 year old and TTC

    Hello everyone,

    I am nursing my now 26 month old and I am trying to get pregnant. I am not having any luck! :cry Everyone is telling me it is because I am BF, even the doctors!!!!! What am I to...
  7. Re: Upper Back Pain - could it be related to BF?

    Thanks, that is exactly why I came here first. My doctor has no experience with breastfeeding moms and whenever I am sick, he tells me to come back after I am done BFíng my child. So, basically, I...
  8. Upper Back Pain - could it be related to BF?

    Good morning All,

    Last night I had moderate to almost unbearable pain in my upper back (parallel to my breasts if that makes sense) when I was trying to sleep. If I turned to one side and nursed...
  9. Re: Is my toddler weaning herself?

    Yes, she does drink water and very diluted fruit juice. Is it a bad idea to give her cow's milk? My DH is asking why I don't give her 'regular' milk.

    Also, do I continue to pump at work to keep...
  10. Is my toddler weaning herself?

    Dear Ladies,

    My daughter is 21 months old and I work full time. My daycare provider informs me that she refuses my milk. The DCP has tried giving it to her in a cup - warm, cold and even mixed...
  11. Re: DD made me laugh so hard tonight during nursing

    Tonight before bedtime, I was looking at youtube videos w/ DD of her favorite little songs. Then she said she wanted DORA DORA, DORA DORA! (Mind you, she never, ever, ever has any interest in...
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    Re: discrete/exposed bf

    LOL, Green Mommy, I loved your post. My little one does the same thing. She likes to rub my stomach and/or put on want on my other breast as she nurses. And, I do have a nursing cover, which she...
  13. Re: DD rejecting BM in bottle at DC

    Thank you to everyone who has responded. I am SO frustrated. My DD is still refusing bottle or cup with EBM at the day care provider. She drinks very little water or diluted juice. She nurses on...
  14. Re: DD rejecting BM in bottle at DC

    I tried that one too and she doesn't take it. I don't know what to do!
  15. DD rejecting BM in bottle at DC

    My daughter is 13 months old and she is rejecting BM in bottle at the daycare. The DCP says she tries to give her milk in a cup but my daughter doesn't take it. At home she is nursed on demand and we...
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    Re: Milkshakes--A Silly Story

    Awww...I love those laughs!
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    Re: Where has the time gone?

    I feel exactly the same way. Your post brought tears to my eyes. :cry My daughter is almost a year old and still nursing regulary which means I'm pumping all day long at work but I don't mind. I...
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    Re: We Made It to A Year!

    Congratulations! I'm right behind you! I just wanted to comment about your picture. I love it! We had our one year family picture done and I wanted a picture nursing my daughter but I was too shy to...
  19. Re: Not sure if my 10 mo is getting enough food or BM

    Tonight as an example: I get home around 5:45 p.m., she had a little bit of dinner (not more than two tablespoons) nursed at 6:30 p.m. and then again at 9 p.m. and now she is asleep but has latched...
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    Biting baby - OUCH!!

    I am having the same problem with my 10 mo. old! It hurts!!! I never thought it was a latch problem as I read in a previous post. I usually say "No, Mommy hurts." and she starts to :eye and sometimes...
  21. Re: Not sure if my 10 mo is getting enough food or BM

    Thank you for responding. I was having computer problems and could not come online. I do not intent on weaning yet although there are pressures at work (b/c I pump) and even the pedi. My husband is...
  22. Not sure if my 10 mo is getting enough food or BM

    Hi Ladies,

    My LO is 10 months old. I am not sure if she is eating/drinking enough. She old takes only one 10 oz bottle at day care, doesn’t like juice, and takes very little water from a cup. She...
  23. How much milk for 9 month old in daycare?

    My LO is 9 months old and I think her daycare provider and I are not on the same page as far as nursing. I tell her to give her milk first, then solid but I find that my baby isn't drinking two...
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    Re: Hard Stool

    Thanks for your replies. I have been giving her prunes too. I will cut out the cereal for now. Also, I only started yogurt b/c she was on antibiotics and the pediatrician told me to give her some...
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    Re: Hard Stool

    Yes, they are hard. I can see she struggles to push them out and sometimes needs help, they are stuck. Sorry if TMI.

    This is her schedule:

    Nurse at night (cosleeps)
    Nurse upon waking
    AT DAY...
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