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  1. Re: Sore Breasts 2 wks post-weaning, help!!

    I stopped BF two weeks ago as well and my right breast is still sore, with the lumps and pain in different spots as well. My nurse told me to put cold cabbage leaves in my bra.....I told her that my...
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    Re: Over weight baby???

    I just think that our babies LOVE to EAT and we LOVE to FEED THEM:D :D

    My bubby weighed 8 lbs 5 oz/22" at birth
    1 week check-up he was 8 lbs 4.5 oz/21-1/4"--how, I don't know
    1 month check-up...
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    Re: feel cold all the time

    I'd be interested to know what others think as well. My DS is 9 wks old and I too am FREEZING all the time. My DB is upset because I've turned the heat on in the house already for the winter:)
  4. Re: Car accident 1 day after discharge of mother

    Congratulations on your daughter coming home, I'm happy she is well:D

    Here goes my advice (it's more like a book:))
    I have no knowledge on the PTSD, but I'm sure it is having an effect on her...
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    Re: Using Frozen Milk

    Thanks!! I think I might just bring home the unused portions at the end of the day and then send a clean bottle the next morning. I'll be picking bubby up for the 1st two weeks and then my mom will...
  6. Re: Pumping Confusiong and Going Back to Work

    I have to return to work this Tuesday, so I'm with you on your concerns while pumping at work. When, where, how much and how long.

    My DS will sometimes only nurse on one side and then other...
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    Using Frozen Milk

    Once milk is thawed, does it need to be used up within 24 hours?

    My DS will be with his caregiver from 7:30 to 3:30. If she thaws some milk at 1:00 and he doesn't finish, is it safe to give to...
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    how to safely feed baby thawed milk?

    I am going back to work in a couple of weeks. I have built a supply in the freezer in 6 oz. increments. If my son doesn't eat all 6 oz in one feeding, is it safe to leave out until he eats again? ...
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