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  1. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    HA!!:lol SOOO adorable!!
  2. Re: Whoo-Hoo! Positive feedback from a doctor

    That's awesome!!
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    Re: Consequences of bad latch?


    I would say that if you're not in pain and baby seems to be eating enough and gaining enough, and has enough wet diapers, then you're doing great!!
    Don't worry! Sounds like you're doing a...
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    Re: Parenting Book Advice

    HA! My kid is a "spirited" baby, with dash of "touchy" and a sprinkle of "grumpy"!
    I wanted one of those "angel" babies too!:ita:lol

    There is a tremendous amount of pressure that you put on...
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    Re: Parenting Book Advice

    I hate to put you on the spot, but how exactly was it hell for you? I went through the same thing with Babywise and the baby whisperer. I'm just curious about your experience! I guess I just want to...
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    Re: I need some spa time!

    ugh!!! I'm so jealous!! I want a spa day! SEE LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE. :lol
    you've just made a bunch of mamas envious for a spa day!
    (no, really, now i won't be able to relax until i get one!)
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    Re: Burping during night feeds

    I don't bother burping at night either. DS seems to get irritated if I try anyway.
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    Re: Is this normal???

    My ds has this brown watery poop every once in a while... I've never really worried about because it changes all the time. One day it's watery, the next it's yellow-brown and thick. I would say if...
  9. Re: Will my LO forever reek of BM cheese?

    Yeah, we put A & D in his neck rolls...boy does he hate it when i even touch his neck, let alone dig in it!
  10. Re: Will my LO forever reek of BM cheese?

    My DH says he wants to take a piece of spaghetti and floss his neck rolls!!!:yummy:lol
  11. Will my LO forever reek of BM cheese?

    Poor little guy smells like Parmesan cheese :lol
    I give him baths frequently but my bm always finds a way into those neck cracks. Sometimes I'm reluctant to let people hold him because I'm afraid to...
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    Re: My nipples need help

    A few months ago I had terrible cracks that wouldn't heal, but I didn't have thrush. It just hurt where the nipple was cracked. I used a ton of lanolin, it felt futile but I just kept at it....
  13. Re: tingly feeling in leg when LO nurses

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one! Thanks for posting.
  14. tingly feeling in leg when LO nurses

    I was just curious if anyone else experienced this. Ever since the first time LO nursed in the hospital I have felt this tingly sensation run through my hip into my toes...I'm not complaining or...
  15. Re: need help avoiding mastitis

    Try a heating pad! I had a super painful clogged duct a couple weeks ago and I slept with one on my chest. It says not to sleep with one, but I had it on low and figured it was worth it to try!
  16. Re: Constant Burning in Right Breast Normal?

    For the meantime, maybe you could use a heating pad. I've had so many problems bf, but really warm showers, heating pads and massage have helped me get through the tough times.
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    Re: head bobbing

    My LO does it and he's 11 wo. He did it when I used to have an overactive letdown. Now I think it's just the rooting reflex. I think it's kinda cute :rolleyes:
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    Re: woohoo!

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    I just recovered from my first really bad case of a clogged duct!!! i never imagined it would've hurt so bad! A few hours after it stopped hurting I found a long milky string in my LO's diaper :gross...
  20. Re: How do you ladies feel about caffeine?

    Thanks ladies!! I'm gonna wait it out, and if cravings are unbearable I'll down a small cup!
  21. How do you ladies feel about caffeine?

    I would really love a cup a tea for breakfast or an occasional soda, but am not willing to sacrifice sleep for it!! I just wanted to see how you felt about it and what you do to stave off the...
  22. Re: Colicky baby pulls off breast and cries after 5mins

    I def know how you feel. I was going through the same thing not too long ago. It's gotten considerably better. I think the worst part was the gassiness from DS gulping. It seemed like he would have...
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    Re: Please Help-So Stressed

    I would def get a second opinion if you still see blood after awhile. Isn't it scary how ignorant some people can be about BF? Especially doctors!!
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    Re: Still so frustrating

    I know how you feel!! DS is a little over six weeks and he thrashes around too! He doesn't thrash around every time though. I'm thinking it must be gas pain, because when I sit him up and burp him he...
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