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  1. Need advice: Will business trip = engorgement?

    My dd is 2.5yrs and nurses from just the left breast 1x/day during the week and ~3x/day on weekends (on demand). I work FT and am going away on a business trip in which she will not be coming. I...
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    Re: wean to morning night?

    You should be ok. My DD is 2.2 yrs old. I work FT so we nurse just in the morning and at night on weekdays and anytime she feels the need on weekends and we have no shortage.
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    Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congratulations on making it to one year - how wonderful!

    It is my DD's birthday today - she is 2 and we are still nursing!
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    Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    Wow! What interesting careers you all have! It's great to see all these working moms who BF too. In terms of the general population, I don't think there are a lot of us. It's so great to find...
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    Re: Did any of you have to convince your dh...

    I have never tried to convince DH that extended BFing was right for DD...because I never talked to him about it. I'm not sure that was the right thing to do - exclude him from the decision to...
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    DD (2 yrs) only nursing from one side

    About three weeks ago, my DD who will be 2 on 9/19 stopped feeding completely from my right side. She will only take the left side. Even prior to this, I had a hard time convincing her to take the...
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    Re: NY Times article on pumping at work

    Great article - thank you for sharing. I too was fortunate enough be in a professional office environment with lactation rooms (yes rooms - there are 3 at our corporate offices!). As luck would...
  8. Re: Pediatrician recommends to stop nursing 18 month old

    Oh - I forgot to ask this question...has that Dr ever breastfed their child? Is he/she speaking from experience?
  9. Re: Pediatrician recommends to stop nursing 18 month old

    I must respond from a practical point of view - I am sure others will respond from a scientic point...How can that so called Dr say there is nothing beneficial about nursing past 18mths? There is...
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    Re: Oversupply, pumping and reflux

    I too went through many of the same things you and DS are experiencing. I am a FT working mom who pumped and had a reflux baby (DD now 23mths). My supply was relatively high but not really...
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    Re: Do you tell your kid's ped about nursing?

    At DD's 18mth well visit, they didn't even ask if DD was nursing. They (DR and asst.) just started talking about what kind of milk she should be drinking. I had to inform them that we were nursing...
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    Re: 4 week old -- super fussy...

    I am so sorry you & baby have to go through this - I know how hard a fussy baby can be. Both of my children cried almost every waking moment from birth to two months. In our case it was due to...
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    Re: Night weaning affect length of bf'ing?

    I don't know anything about night weaning but did want to share that my DD started sleeping through the night at 2 mths (in her crib) and almost never woke up to nurse. She is now 23 mths and has...
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    Re: Anyone ever get positive criticism?

    Other than my own mom, I don't personally know ANYONE who has nursed as long as I am doing. My DD is 22 1/2 mths, still going strong and will wean when she is ready to. The only positive comments I...
  15. Temas: Tanning Bed

    by Cookie

    Re: Tanning Bed

    Are sunless tanning creams safe while BFing? Like Jergins bew one?
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    Re: Balancing Act - EBF and Career?

    Thank you all for your replies! You were able to articulate many of the feelings I am having. It was good to hear the perspective of other moms who are in similar situations as myself.

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    Balancing Act - EBF and Career?

    Anyone out there struggling with EBF and climbing the corporate ladder? I work FT as a corporate department manager and still BF my 20 mth old. I feel I am about AP as a working mom can be (we EBF,...
  18. Re: What to do after a reflux episode mid-feeding?

    For the most part, the medicine was worth it. After they started taking the medicine, it was rare that their breath smelled acidy so I knew that the burning in their chest was minimal. It does not,...
  19. Re: What to do after a reflux episode mid-feeding?

    I am sorry to hear your DS has reflux. I can empathize as both of my children had it and did exactly as you are describing. Both of my children were put on meds (zantac for DS and pepcid for DD)...
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    Re: Working mom BF success stories needed

    I work FT and continue to successfully BF my DD. She is almost 20 mths now and shows no signs of wanting to wean. I went back to work when she was 10 weeks old. I pumped at work so she got ebm...
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    Need help with bedtime routine

    I have nursed my DD, now 17 mths, to sleep every night since she was born. She has always needed a very quiet environment to nurse which worked out well since my DH and DS (DS is 4 and still in our...
  22. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    My dd, 17 mths, is a VERY picky eater. She too had dropped into lower weight percentiles...from 35% at 9 mths to 7% at 15 mths. She just doesn't like to eat very much. She certainly loves to...
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    Thrush possible at 17mths?

    I had ductal thrush when my dd was 5 mths old. Neither of us had any visable signs, it was just internal burning and stabing pains in my breasts. It was quickly cleared up with 3 Diflucan pills. I...
  24. Re: 6-month old nursing one breast every 2 hours

    My daughter also suffered from reflux and was a frequent, short nurser because of it. In the beginning, she nursed for less than 10 minutes at a time only on one side every 1-2 hours. It was...
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