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  1. Re: if you pump on one side while LO feeds other

    I just started this recently b/c Ds was eating up the little extra I had while I am at work. He does get very distracted...I think the sound of my PIS motor makes it hard for him to concentrate. Not...
  2. Re: Can I nurse one side and use other for pumping?

    Well things were going good, I actually pumped enough extra to have for a whole days supply while I am at work. I was feeling better about things...and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be....
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    Freezer w/ defrost cycle?

    This morning i opened my freezer to get some milk for daycare and to my horror it was starting to thaw. Everything was thawing....It is a brand new freezer. My husband says that maybe it was doing a...
  4. Re: Can I nurse one side and use other for pumping?

    The waste is usually in the evenings before I get home from work. DH makes DS a bottle because he is fussy and sometimes he doesn't take it...I think he knows I will be home soon. I keep telling DH...
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    Poll: Re: When did your period come back?

    With my DD ...weaned at 15 months...period cames 5 days later!
  6. Can I nurse one side and use other for pumping?

    Here's my question sorry it is kinda lengthy....About six wks ago DS started w/ the mucousy bloody poos and I eliminated dairy etc...went to block feedings b/c of OALD/too much milk. I had an...
  7. Oversupply, going back to work, pumping?

    I have been trying to deal w/ my oversupply for a while now. I thought it had gotten better after a week of block feedings...I went back to nursing 1 side per feed then the engorgement is back this...
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    Re: 7 weeks of feeding

    My DS also started w/ "clicking" at the beginning of a feeding....usually w/ my letdown...Many attribute this to Oversupply or overactive letdown... The letdown may be too strong which is why she is...
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    Re: Which bottle to use?

    My DD wouldn't take bottles but The Gerber Nuk got her by....she like them I guess b/c her paci was similar. My DS is just as picking but he started refusing the bottles at 6wks old. Tried many...
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    Re: 3.5 month old won't take bottle!

    My first child would only take the gerber Nuk nipple like the pacifier she took. But...she only drank enough just to get by..an ounce or so at a time. She made up for feedings when i got home. My...
  11. Re: Baby congestion, oversupply, BM storage ...

    In regards to the congestion...mine has the same problem. He has been congested since 1wk old. Now at 8 wks no change. I recommend using saline drops to help loosen mucous and use a bulb suction as...
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    A few days ago 6 wk started w/ mucousy green poo w/ flecks of blood a few times a day. The other BMs are normal. Went to the doctor wants me to eliminate dairy to rule out allergy. After reading some...
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    Re: Pooped out?

    the only thing new in my diet this week was some wheat bread that I bought ....trying to think of anything else new. I've been eating milk, cheese, peanut butter daily now since he was born....just...
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    Pooped out?

    My 6wk old normally has the traditional seedy yellow poop, but in the last week i have noticed that it is sometimes green or brown. Sometimes w/mucous and or tiny flecks of blood. Should I worry? He...
  15. Re: going back to work at 8 wks/night shifts

    I too am a nurse who worked night shift with my last child 7p-7a. Since night feedings were less than during the day, I found I could pump at about 10or 11 pm and again around 5 am then nurse when i...
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