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    Re: Yea, i'm nursing 2 toddlers!!

    That is great!!! :clap Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Re: Tips for "slow gaining" 2 month old?

    I think nursing on demand will help too. Also, for reflux, I did block nursing and it really helped - that is where you still feed on demand, but only from one breast within a certain time...
  3. Re: 6WO trying to latch for first time - HELP!

    my 1st had some similar issues the first couple weeks... what type of bottles are you using? we had the advent system (back when they were making manual pumps!) and the nipples were so that he had...
  4. Re: pushing, pulling and fiesty now at 3mo

    OMG, this thread/that website is a lifesaver for me... just wanted you to know that! :love
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    Re: vitamin d

    our ped gave us a sample of vit D supplement, it was for the baby, one of the formula companies makes it (of course) -- I assume that's what he meant
  6. Re: Introduction & Need Encouragement :)

    with both of mine, it took a minimum of six weeks to get past the pain (longer this time, actually!)
    you sound like my best friend, she had similar problems BF but ended up doing it 6 months anyway...
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    Re: Quick! I need some encouragement

    my daughter - 3 months now - was very much like that. we realized after a few hard days (weeks, whatever) that she was just wanting to suck for comfort and got a couple pacifiers. omg, that was a...
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    Re: Tongue Tied

    my little one wasn't tongue tied but she was certainly rough on my nipples... much more so than my first... my nipples bled as well... I'd love to get in the shower with a nice warm washcloth and put...
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