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    Re: Is there hope of better nights?

    I thought my lo was never going to let me have some sleep. He was waking every 2hrs to nurse also but we were co sleeping.
    He is now 4mos & I started putting him in his crib & he is sleeping from...
  2. Re: 9 month old baby and can't pump at work

    I do this & it works for us. I still let my lo bf in the morning , night & on the weekends. My body has adjusted just fine. I am pretty full when I get home so I let my lo bf from one side & pump...
  3. Re: No time for pumping????????? help!!!!!!

    I pumped at work for 1 1/2 mo it just was too hard. I had no where to pump & no time to pump. My lo has formula during the day & I nurse at night & morning. I am pretty full when I get home so I...
  4. Re: supplementing w/ formula question...

    My lo eats all the ebm then when he runs out my mom gives him a bottle of formula. I have heard of mixing it just never tried.
  5. Re: Working Mother Breast Pump Roll Call!!!

    Medela PIS Advance :o :o :o :o :o
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    Re: Is this safe to do?

    My ped suggested to me that if it got to hard to pump at work just to nurse at night & in the am.
    I hate pumping also. It is really hard for me to find the time & place to pump at work. Today I...
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    Re: Travel

    I wish he could go with me but I don't see this possible this time. I feel like I have to go or it will threaten my job.
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    Need some advice...

    In April I have to travel for 4 days & 3 nights, my son will almost be six months. Is this to early to be away from him for that length of time?
    My mother keeps him while I...
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    Re: Pump not working

    I checked the valves & everything else. I took it all apart & put it back together , and it still is just not working right.
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    Pump not working

    I have a Medela PIS that was my sisternlaws. She used the pump for 2 years & the pump is 4 1/2yrs old now. Today when I went to pump it was not working right....the suction was not very strong & it...
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    Re: Nurse and pump at same time?

    I do this every morning. It took me a couple of times to get the hang of it.

    If you have a bobby try using it to keep your lo up or like she said a pillow would work also.
  12. Re: Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

    My mother watches my lo & she has had to supplement with formula a few times. She never gives more than 3oz but just enough to hold the hungry off.

    I was driving myself nuts counting how many...
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    Re: Formula day / BM night

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to try to pump at work still but it is so hard.... so far today I have only pumped twice for 15 min & I have a total of 8oz. I am away from him for 10 1/2 hrs...
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    Re: Birth control pill

    I have been taking birth control since my son was a month & I still have a good supply. The doc put me on Ortho Lo. She said it is a lower dosage of estrogen & would not affect my supply.
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    Formula day / BM night

    My son is 10wks old. He has been mainly on BM but has had 1 to 2 oz of formula during the day if he runs out of BM (which is rare). It is becoming harder & harder to pump at work simply cause I...
  16. Re: Pumped and gave a bottle, need advise

    Have you tried pumping one side while she bf from the other? This always helps me. Also try pumping early in the morning.
    When I first starting pumping I would only get about 1oz or 2oz maybe...now...
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