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  1. Suddenly my son is sucking so much harder...sore nipples. (no better way to describe)

    My son will be 4 months old on the 16th. He is exclusively breastfed and no bottles for about a month. The past two weeks, he has started sucking so much harder and it's making my nipples sore. When...
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    sleeping 3 month old

    We recently encountered several sleep problems and we are trying to work on them...plus the time change will probably mess us up more, so why not try to change things while that's here too. Maybe...
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    Re: APNO precautions/successes??

    Thanks for all the input. Yes, thrush HURTS! I read from someone on another thread that they never cried so much as when they had thrush and I totally agree.
    Right now I'm on my second round of...
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    APNO precautions/successes??

    I have been battling thrush for almost 2 months and I have recently reqested my OB to call in the script for all purpose nipple ointment. (I have not yet gotten it.) I went to the dermatologist today...
  5. Re: 6WO trying to latch for first time - HELP!

    I have been trying to get my 11 week old son to get a deeper latch. He was clicking lots and making sores from rubbing my nipple. I tried the sandwich and fast latch, tried all positions I could...
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    Nipple abuse with topical treatment for thrush -Re: Thrush getting worse again.. ugh!

    We are in the same boat! I had a 2 week supply of the diflucan about a month ago and it came back less than 2 weeks after I was finished with the course of meds. We are back on the diflucan with a...
  7. Re: You know you're no longer nursing a newborn when...

    I agree. We are at 11 weeks and hope to participate in this someday too...had poor latch issues (with no help at the hospital), thrush twice now and OALD...hoping to be heading in the right direction!
  8. Re: chronic thrush cured!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    How many pills did you take daily? I have been battling thrush for 5 weeks and am taking 10 drops of gse twice daily along with diflucan and acidophilus.
  9. son has green diarrhea...could it be thrush treatment??

    I have been battling thrush for about 5 weeks now. I am on my second course of Diflucan (thankful that my doctor is willing to prescribe it), but also continuing home remedies to try and kick this...
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    Nursing anytime he gets fussy.

    We have been using a paci for a few weeks now. It started out just out in public, but quickly made its way into our home. I HATE IT! I really don't want this to be a habit long into his childhood....
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