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  1. Re: Help! 10 month old with bad cold and congestion!

    Have you tried putting breastmilk up her nose the way you would saline? I usually just squirted it straight from my nipple, but you could express a bit for a dropper if that's easier with a wiggly...
  2. Re: How do you define milk supply as being 'established'?

    Why are you block feeding? Are you sure you have oversupply? forceful letdown is often accompanied by oversupply but isn't always, and since it seems like you thought your supply was low at some...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding Newbie with several questions

    Sounds like that was a growth spurt. Many babies often have evening cluster feeding patterns, too, which are great for maintaining your supply at the right place. I hope you see reassuring gain at...
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    Re: 10 month old nursing less frequently

    Sounds like my DS the past couple days, he's just too interested in climbing the stairs and trying to explore places-- I hold him the whole time he's napping so he'll keep nursing (we won't mention...
  5. Re: Por favor expectativas reales de sueño

    Para muchos de nosotros en el foro en Inglés, nuestros bebés no duermen toda la noche hasta muchos meses - después de un año o más tarde. Para un bebé amamantando, 5-6 horas es la definición de...
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    Re: Worried about diaper count

    Are the wets being disguised beneath the dirty diapers? http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supply-worries/enoughmilk-older/
    I notice some days that my son has fewer seeming diapers (though he's...
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    Re: When to start solids

    It's more likely that your supply is just regulating, it's pretty normal at some point to no longer feel engorged all the time--good thing too, it helps keep plugged ducts et al to a dull roar. ...
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    Re: Leaving teeth marks!

    Ugh that sounds like no fun. My DS doesn't create actual sores, just makes me feel raw, but sometimes when his top teeth are rubbing on me, I grab my breast like the nipple sandwich technique and...
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    Re: Getting baby back on the breast

    Here's a link that you may find useful: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    I think some people have luck with a "finish at the breast" technique where they offer supplement...
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    Re: When to start solids

    I like this link: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starting-solids/solids-when/ I decided to wait until my son met the requirements kellymom uses for starting solids, even though he was snatching...
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    Re: Will it get easier...?

    Here's a short version of my story: At the beginning, I had some oversupply, ffld, leaking like a fountain, cracked nipples complete with vasospasms from his clamping down to slow the flow, plus a...
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    Re: I think I'm angry....

    Your instinct is spot on, mama. Do not give your baby water, that's terrible advice, and really can be quite dangerous, leading to water intoxication. Breastmilk is all she needs:...
  13. Re: Need help weaning newborn off nipple shield

    Sorry, I didn't mean to be so terse, something came up, I lost the long thing I typed and just wanted to at least post the link.
    I'm wondering about your nipple soreness. Is it just when you try...
  14. Re: Need help weaning newborn off nipple shield

  15. Re: Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

    PPs give very good advice. I don't know if it's in the linked articles, but maybe in this case a "finish at the breast" technique would be helpful, where you give baby a bottle to start with to get...
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    Re: Help! Foremilk or Allergy Issue

    Are you nursing 8 minutes per breast because someone told you to, or is that just basically an average time that your baby decided? If someone told you nurse that way, they need a :headslap. ...
  17. Re: Oh, no! Weight Issues in 3 month old. Advice, please?

    I was crawling (hands and knees not just army crawling) by my 4 mo appt, so though unusual, it's not impossible....
    You say she's nursing on demand, but what if you just try to offer more often...
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    Re: Severe nipple pain on left side

    Based on the white nipples and the nipple pain (which is actually not supposed to happen, but is all too common), I'd guess you are having problems with a shallow latch causing vasospasms: ...
  19. Re: Feeling confused about slowdown in weight gain

    If you're seeing a lot of poopy diapers, it's always an indicator of getting milk in otherwise how would it be coming out the other end, ya know ;). (The reason dirty diaper counts don't always give...
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    Re: Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    Ok, in a way, that's kinda horrifying, but I love my cast iron--cook everything in that puppy.
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    Re: Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    Slightly off-topic, but it's something I've seen posted on here before and I'm curious: I don't understand how cooking in a cast iron skillet gets more iron into you. I would think that if your...
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    Re: Period already?

    no personal experience with this, but as I understand it, as long as you continue to nurse on demand, you should be fine, though if you need to pump, you may see a temporary decrease in pump output...
  23. Re: 9 month old waking every two hours: molars? growth spurt

    Sounds pretty normal. My little guy is 9 and some change months and has always been a frequent night waker. (I found long ago that having my clock turned away from my view at night makes me...
  24. Re: Still having problems with cracks and soreness!

    :ita with PPs. Since you say he's very chubby and gets enough milk despite latch, I wonder if forceful letdown might also be in the picture, since that can cause a baby to clamp down to slow the...
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    Re: Alternatives to cheerios?

    Little rounds of cooked carrot, beans of all sorts; my 9 mo LO is loving lentils right now.
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