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    Re: Where's the poop?

    Babies are such gross little trouble makers, aren't they? It sounds like normal stuff, though. My little guy is 6 mos too, and that seems to be a particulaly strange time. They're learning more,...
  2. Re: Cant read my babys hunger cues anymore

    My LO's 6 mos now, and I'm fortunate because by then, I think that they've develope certain cries for different situations. A few months ago, I had the same problem, though, and I would just offer...
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    Re: Fat baby

    My baby just turned 6 mos old today, and he's already stretching his 6 mo clothes. He's all breast fed, and as far as I've ever, heard there's NO way to over feed breastfed babies. In most cases, our...
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    Re: Eye contact w/ newborn while bf'ing

    My LO is six months old in two days, and he doesn't look at me much either. He's a vicious little piglet, though, and I think he's afraid that if he doesn't concentrate, his food supply will be taken...
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