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  1. Re: DESPARATE! nursing over 9 weeks and still getting milk b

    Re: Lecithin. This from Dr. Jack Newman: "Lecithin is a food supplement that seems to help some mothers prevent blocked ducts. It may do this by decreasing the viscosity (stickiness) of the milk by...
  2. Re: Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    :hello Hi mama!

    There will be differences in your milk this time. For starters, yes the milk you make this time will be different than before, but that is because it is *always* changing; changing...
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    Re: Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    Glad to hear she seems to be on the mend!
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    Re: Glucosamine

    The following information is from Dr. Hale's "Medications and Mothers' Milk." Please do not take my response as medical advice :) It would be wise to take this information and discuss it with your...
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    Re: Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    How has she been today, mama?

    The stool you are describing sounds like diarrhea. Viruses can be sneaky in that their symptoms tend to worsen overnight. I'd wager she is fighting off a stomach...
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    Re: At my wits end, please help

    :hug Welcome and congratulations on your sweet boy!

    What you are describing sounds like what we like to refer to as "the 60-second sizzle." It describes the brief stinging sensation mama may...
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    Re: Weird breast pain

    Could they be vasospasms? The shooting pains can happen during or in between feedings and are sharp, shooting pains. I dealt with these with my first and experienced pain anytime my nipples were...
  8. Re: Hygeia Q vs. Medela Advanced from Insurance

    :ita This is almost exactly my experience as well. I really liked pumping with my Hygeia. I have Raynaud's (painful) and it has been triggered by pumping in the past. I found the adjustable controls...
  9. Re: Blue Cross of Illinois Pump Coverage

    Did your insurance company offer any suggestions? When I order pumps for the moms I work with, I do have a particular medical supply company I usually use. However, I frequently have women say to me,...
  10. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    It must be very frustrating when you are exploring different options and trying treatments that are not bringing permanent relief. :hug

    Yeast could certainly be a possibility as it can cause...
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    Re: Breast milk color

    Breast milk can be lighter in color and also quite watery. I'm wondering if the "darker" color was due to that milk having a higher fat content and being creamier? Both are normal variations of...
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    Re: Being a one-sided nurser

    Not me personally, but a co-worker did it. She developed mastitis that hindered the output of one breast, so she used mostly one. We were talking about it just the other day and she mentioned how she...
  13. Re: Certain nursing positions causing plugged ducts?

    I bet because she is on her side and perhaps a bit less supported (your breast is less supported too), and therefore having a harder time staying latched, that is why you're getting the plugs. I have...
  14. Re: Certain nursing positions causing plugged ducts?

    Keep working at it if you can. I think Ellen is right- in time and with her growth and maturity it will get better. We're still trying, though that's when Leo spits up (or vomits, like last night)...
  15. Re: Certain nursing positions causing plugged ducts?

    Brady has a lip-tie, yes? Leo does and we have a devil of a time with side-lying. No plugs yet, but it is uncomfortable and he has a tough time staying latched. I feel that the two may be related.
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    Re: best manual hand pump?

    I loved/love my Avent Isis. I had the best success with that little hand pump. I was better able to do breast compressions while pumping with it and had greater output using it than my Medela PISA.
  17. Re: shooting pains in breast and throughout back

    :hug Mama.

    My money is on the vasospasms. When I experienced them, the pain made me feel like my breasts and upper body would literally break into a million pieces. It was awful. It will happen...
  18. Re: BF Autistic/Language Disordered 24m old- advice wanted

    :ita I understand what you are saying about professionals not having enough knowledge about breastfeeding and how to handle this.

    What are your weaning goals, mama? Are you wishing to be done...
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    Re: burning...

    That is excellent pumping output! And totally normal to pump more milk in the morning than later in the day.

    So the burning does not last the entire duration of the feeding?

    My thoughts are...
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    Re: Graduating

    :clap Way to go, mama and baby. May you enjoy many more months (years? ;)) of enjoyable breastfeeding!
  21. Re: BF Autistic/Language Disordered 24m old- advice wanted

    :hello Mama!

    Have you seen this thread for moms with kiddoes on the spectrum? http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?103217-Spectrum-moms&p=1282700#post1282700

    I'll nudge a few of the other...
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    Re: Abrasion won't heal?

    Has your LO been checked for tongue tie, mama?
    Do you have a strong or forceful let-down that may cause your LO to slide down the nipple, compressing it, to slow the flow?

    I get so frustrated by...
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    Re: coconut oil?

    I absolutely agree with LLLMeg.

    As with lanolin ointment, the same goes for coconut oil- it can provide a soothing barrier, but it is not going to correct the root cause of the nipple soreness. A...
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    Re: So Confused!

    Babies are good at throwing parents for a loop just when we think we have finally "figured" them out ;) If he starts doing the above after feeding on one side, you can try burping him and offering...
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    Re: Mastitis while EPing

    I never got the hang of it with my first, but did when EPing for #2. That video really helped me out- turns out I had been taught incorrectly before!

    I hope you're feeling better. KUP mama! :gvibes
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