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  1. Re: Trying to wean last feeding for two 1/2 year old twins

    I weaned gradually like you and didn't ever have to pump or even hand express to be comfortable. If you feel really full you can always try a hot shower and hand express just enough to release the...
  2. first time in 15 months that I am not a nursing mom.

    :cry It has been a week and we have not nursed even once. I am so sad but I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    our story, I am 29 and have one DD who is 15+ months. My husband and I...
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    Re: Pre-Birth Nipple Issues

    I agree with pp. I had that and it would stick to my bra, but could only ever get the smallest drop if I tried to hand express. Nothing to worry about!
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    Re: I am starving

    Yep, I was starving for the first 10 weeks. It has slowed some now but I still eat big meals. I remember being so hungry and thirsty at the middle of the night feedings and noone was up to get me...
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