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    Re: bf is beginning to ANNOY me!

    My ds did the same thing. I tried everything to get him to stay asleep. And he does take a binky. I finally tried extra calcium pills or tums and more activities during the day and weaned off of the...
  2. Temas: Yipeeeeee

    by Mandypr

    Re: Yipeeeeee

    I think it's a reward in itself to know you can do it. To not get rediculed by others and to have a congradulations by someone you don't know. To know that other moms can do it and so can you.:D Now...
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    Re: a vent-bad week

    I know how you feel. My mom watched my sisters daughter all the time and never watched my ds. My sisters younger than me and needed my mom more to raise her daughter, who is now 5. She is a single...
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    Re: Pacifier & Breastfeeding

    I also used a pacifier and had no side effects. Make sure you use the orthadontist recommended pacifiers. If you use something other your dc could have teeth problems. I had no problems with nipple...
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    Re: Starting Cereal-Help!

    I also gave my ds cereal with water. The nutrition he received was from my breast milk so I new that he wouldn't eat a whole meal out of the cereal. I usually gave him two teaspoons ful of cereal and...
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    Re: Ugghhh I am so frustrated...

    Good Job on sticking with it. We also co- sleep and my dh aunt said that it's a bad idea and we'll be sorry we ever did it. I didn't say anything to her but when I got home I let dh know how I felt...
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    Re: Very Confused

    Does your ds detatct himself or do you take him off the breast? Sometimes leaving him on the breast until he takes himself off will able him to get the hind milk he needs. If he's getting plenty of...
  8. Re: Baby was taking a bottle with breastmilk, but won't anymore

    I would aliminate alergy foods till your dd is at least a yr.
    Babies sometimes perfer the tap than the glass. Maybe your dh can drive to your work so that you can bf dd. That way work won't miss...
  9. Re: Distracted during feedings...is he eating enough?

    For your suply. I would pump some after you nurse and also pump the other as well to up your suply. By doing this it should increase the amount that comes out. My ds was very active and it was hard...
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    Re: Anyone get pressure to wean?

    :D lol:D
    I would like to add another one. It isn't the norm to wean after the dc has gotten the hang of bf.
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    Re: getting through teething

    When my ds teethed he would get the whole set at once. Both top teeth came in at once and so on. To help them come in faster I took extra calcium. It seemed to work, cause the teeth would take a day...
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    Re: I'm never going to sleep again--Help!

    Who is the author of this book? So that I can order it.
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    Re: Vetrans - do tell . . .how do you do it????

    I didn't start co-sleeping until my ds was 5mon. He slept next to me in a basinette. After he started growing out of it. I pulled his crib in and set it up next to my side w/ the slidder off. Now he...
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    Re: Dirty Diapers

    All baby cereals have fortified iron in them. And iron makes you super constipated. If your dd is bf she's getting plenty of iron from you. I started my ds on bananas and sweet potatoes.
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    Re: Vegetarian baby?

    I purchased a lll book called Whole Foods for Babies and Toodlers byMargaret Kenda and it goes into detail about what your baby can eat.It talks about the obiesty epedemic and of corse THE VEA:p GIE...
  16. Re: Surprise baby due August, wean 15 month old

    Wow, congrads. I thought I was pragnant in Feb. because I was 8 wks late on menst. But I started the first part of Mar. I had the same guestion because I thout that I had to stop. I soon found out...
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    ? about nibbling

    My son is teething and when ever he is going through this he starts to nibble on my breast. It's not hard nibbles butenough to irratate me. The teeth that are coming in are the last set until his two...
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    Re: Biting (OUCH!)

    My son is getting his canine teeth (the ones between his molars and middle teeth). He hadn't been teething for along time so we had to adjust when he finely got his first set of molars during the...
  19. Re: My son is having problems with eating solids.......

    I get my Yobaby at walmart superstore or at a healthfood store like Wildoats or local grocery store sometimes sells it. You can request it to if the store near you doesn't have it.
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    Re: Introducing lumpier foods

    My baby couldn't eat lumpier foods until after he was a year. I would just try curtain things accasionally just to see, but he would gag too. He still gags on curtain things and he's 14 mo. The ped...
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    Re: Frustrated...

    Hey, I know how you feel about trying to move your baby over after he's gone to sleep. My son used to do that. I was told that if I waited fifteen-twenty mintutes before moving him, he sould be fully...
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    Re: pressure to give solids

    Hey, I give you an applause to last this long with pressure from relatives and friends. I think I would probably move away or something. I would just go with my gut instinks and do what you feel is...
  23. Re: When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    I still leak sometimes when my son hasn't nursed in awhile and he's 14 months. When leaked heavily I used a puddle pad.You can buy them at walmart. They come in all different sizes. I used the one...
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    Re: Too early for solids?

    Hello, Even though every one says start your baby on solids I didn't. Baby's tummy is not ready yet. Plus the ability to shove food from front to back has not developed yet. I waited to feed my son...
  25. Re: My son is having problems with eating solids.......

    My son also took awhile to like table foods. He still can't eat some things like green beans and carrots unless its mashed or jared. I think he had a hard time because his molars were all coming in...
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