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    Re: Finger Foods

    My son does the same thing. I think gagging is a normal reflex and just a part of growing up. As they learn to chew and gum on foods, sometimes they will choke a little bit. I think my LO does it...
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    Re: Question about estrogen cream

    I have been of estrogen cream for a month now, also for dryness, and I haven't noticed a drop in supply at all. I am on a very low dose, as I assume you will be. HTH!
  3. My boss is harassing me- need advice please!

    My boss is the free-loading son of the owner of the pharmacy where I have been working for the past 3 1/2 years. Thursday afternoon he was offended when I complained about the work ethic of his...
  4. Re: Medicine for allergies/sinus problems?


    Here's a good link!
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    Re: cough!

    I am definitely not a doctor, but is it possible that your LO is "fake coughing"? My son is now 4 months and has been "coughing" for two months. When I mentioned it to the pedi she said he was...
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    Need advice on sick baby PLEASE!

    So, my son is 17 weeks old and had his first fever Sunday. We took him to the doctor and she said he was fine, just watch the fever for a few days. He was very fussy and lethargic which was...
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    Re: Hospital grade vs. PIS

    I was using a Medela PIS, and switched to a hospital grade Medela Lactina and it is worth the $60 I pay monthly. The suction didn't seem strong enough on the PIS if I was double pumping, but I don't...
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    Pumping and hind milk

    How can you tell how much foremilk and hindmilk you have pumped? When I pump (usually double pump 15-20 minutes) and the milk settles, there is only a thin "thick" layer at the top of the 4-6 ounces...
  9. Re: Green, smelly, watery poops in a 9 week old

    Yes, all your suggestions have been very well thought out and helpful. I have been lurking for weeks on the boards and I am very pleased to have finally posted and received such good help. I am...
  10. Re: Green, smelly, watery poops in a 9 week old

    I have been on Zoloft since my third trimester for stress and anxiety-induced depression. Zoloft was specifically prescribed because it is considered to be the "safest" antidepressant as far as...
  11. Re: Green, smelly, watery poops in a 9 week old

    So, no reason to be concerned that he is only eating BM yet his poops stink badly? I wasn't sure if this was indicative of a problem...
  12. Re: Green, smelly, watery poops in a 9 week old

    I would usually stay on one breast for 4 - 6 hours and at night I would just feed from one side for up to 8 hours. Is this not enough time?
  13. Green, smelly, watery poops in a 9 week old

    Hopefully I am just over-analyzing things like new moms tend to do. My 9 week old son is exclusively breast fed and seems to be thriving (13.1 lb and 24 inches and plenty of wet and dirty diapers)....
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