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  1. Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    Thanks for your replies, ladies :). Unfortunately I have a history of irregular cycles before, I was taking Fertility Blend and doing Accupuncture and TCM to get regular cycles, so I don't know...
  2. After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    I am not sure if my post belongs here or in the "Weaning" part of the forum, but here goes.

    DD is 18 months old and still nurses a lot. I nurse her at least 2-3 times during the day (on demand,...
  3. Re: First Time Poster With Big Boobie Problem!

    Ouch ouch ouch! :( That sounds just awful! :(. I'm a big fan of Lansinoh, but this sounds way more serious than just a nick. I would go with the previous poster's suggestion and go see a doctor,...
  4. Re: Red dot on center of nipple, blood comes out

    Ouch... I never had mastitis, but did have a bloody red dot w/some blood coming out a few times with DD, but it was typically after she bit me or chewed on me a bit :eek: . Maybe it's worth talking...
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    Re: just need to vent

    I am glad that you posted your story. I hope that some of the responses may help me as well. I'm very much in the same boat and just as frustrated. I love nursing DD (18 months on Tuesday), but...
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    Re: breastfeed or solids first?

    I often nurse my 9 m.o. DD after a solid meal :). On a typical day she'll get up around 7:30 or 8:00, I nurse her, then I'll feed her a modest amount of solid (fresh grated apple with prune to help...
  7. DD hates her Vitamin drops but needs the Iron-what are some natural sources?

    DD's (9 months) Pediatrician prescribed Vitamin drops with Iron. I haven't been feeding her rice cereal or any of the "enriched" stuff in a box. The drops are absolutely FOUL though and she hates...
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    Re: Super gassy baby can't sleep - need help!

    Thanks for all your comments, ladies. Yogachick - your DS' reaction to milk sounds a lot like my DD's. DD had skin problems first (including a really bad case of "baby acne" that would not go away)...
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    Re: Super gassy baby can't sleep - need help!

    Thanks for your comment. Do you know if your sensitivity to milk is lactose intolerance? I think she may be sensitive to a couple different things, probably milk, onions and something else. DH is...
  10. Re: Breatfeeding turned into wrestling match

    I had a similar experience with dd (now 9 m.o. and still a nipple tagger / puller / biter) and I found out afterwards that she had reflux ("silent reflux", so no spitting up a whole lot, but a lot of...
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    Super gassy baby can't sleep - need help!

    I apologize in advance for a very long rambling post. I wanted to write down everything we've tried :confused: ... And I am so sleep deprived it's hard to organize my thoughts :( ...

    I need some...
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    Re: I'm starting to feel resentful...

    Hi mommymilk,
    I am so sorry about ds#1's illness, that's just awful. And to have ds#2 be so challenging must be very hard.

    I felt compelled to post, because what you are experiencing with ds#2...
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