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  1. Re: I've been in tears all day because of this...

    Thanks everyone. I emailed the leader of an AP playgroup that is local to me and asked her to ask the members about dentists that would mesh more with our beliefs on raising our son. She gave me...
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    Re: Can I get my period back without weaning?

    I, also, am not pregnant.. But my period came back four months after DS was born. I was exclusively breastfeeding and it still came back early. The OB/GYN said that every woman and every case are...
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    Re: Don't wan to wean yet but...

    You poor thing... You already got all the advice I could have and would have shared, so I'll just offer comfort. DS (12 months) and I are going through the same thing right now. He's been having...
  4. Re: I've been in tears all day because of this...

    Well, I discussed it with our pediatrician, who disagreed with everything except the night nursing. He agrees that Aidan should be sleeping through the night and is just using me as a pacifier. He...
  5. I've been in tears all day because of this...

    Today, Aidan had his first appointment with the dentist. I was excited because dental hygiene is important and I wanted to make sure we got a good start. Now, I'm regretting it more than anything....
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    Re: Finally, a year!

    My family may finally stop, but DH's family will not. They try everything they can STILL to have their hand in raising our niece and nephew. I will not allow them to spoil my child that way. They...
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    Finally, a year!

    I hadn't really realized, until I was going through my bookmarks yesterday, that I have not been here in ages. Sad. :(

    However, our good news is that Aidan is now 12 months and 1 week old and...
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    Re: Tell for BFing.

    Heh. So far, Aidan just pulls out the collar of my shirt as far as he can and sticks his head down inside of my shirt. He's not into subtlety.
  9. Temas: Thoughts?

    by PunkieGirl


    I've gotten fed up with the way the daycare center that I work at treats both my son and I, so I'm in the market for new employment. I've talked it over with DH and thought a lot about it and came...
  10. Re: For those of you who have LOs in child care

    I work at probably one of the cheapest daycares in Northern Kentucky and we charge $568/month. Also, remember that you get what you pay for, really.
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    Worried and frustrated

    My DS, nearly 7 months old, has been screaming ALL day. He's been nursing almost continuously for the last three hours.

    We spent the last two days at my sister's helping her with her wedding. ...
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    Re: specific bottles

    We actually started off with the Soothie bottles. They worked alright, but DS just didn't prefer them. So, we tried the breastflow bottles. DS hated them and refused to take a bottle during that...
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    Re: Manual pumps

    I found the same thing, so that's why I'm looking for a good manual pump. :)
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    Manual pumps

    I've got a subpoena to testify in a trial that's quite a ways away and would have to travel on a plane for several hours. I need some pump recommendations for manual pumps for the trip.

    I use a...
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    Re: Thinking of renting a hospital grade pump

    I've been renting a hospital grade pump for six months (Man, the costs add up!) but am SO glad that I did. I use it when I am home, and keep one PIS at work and one in the car for travelling. The...
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    Re: Concerned about weight gain...

    I think your son is doing just fine. He's actually about where mine was a month ago. We go in for my son's 6 month well baby visit on Friday and I do worry a bit, but mostly because his dad is...
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    Fighting over solids!

    I'm so angry and hurt right now. DH and I have been fighting over solids for the past month. DS is six months old today and we'll be starting him on food next weekend.

    I wanted to do baby-led...
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    Re: Where do u pump at work?

    I work at a daycare, so there's really nowhere for me to pump except the bathroom. The bad thing is that the bathroom has no outlet, so I had to buy an extension cord that was long enough to run...
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    DS did something funny last night...

    DS has just started "inchworming" around. So, we were doing part of our bedtime routine with DS last night, where DH and I lay in bed with him and talk with him and then read him a book. DS was...
  20. Re: Any success with The First Years "Breastflow" Bottles??

    We tried these bottles when DS was starting daycare (at about 3 months). I was hoping that it would work out because it seemed perfect. Unfortunately, DS hated the bottle and refused to take it. ...
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    Too early!

    I know that we're supposed to wait until 6 months to give DS solids and I whole-heartedly agree with that. However, he seems to have other plans. We can not eat our meals in the same room with him...
  22. Re: Did your baby get a late start on breastfeeding???

    I had a similar issue, except that I wasn't given half the support you have. I am a first time mom and when DS refused to nurse in the hospital, I was made to feel like a terrible mother because my...
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