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  1. Re: Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    Hi Katia & Jeno, thanks so much for posting!:hug It is so helpful to talk to people here. I swear at this point I have talked to *everyone* in my town!

    Ok, to answer your questions:

  2. Any success w/ pharmaceutical galactagogues?

    I would really love to hear people's success stories with pharmeceutical galactagogues. Amount taken, increase in production, how much you pump in a day, etc.

    I am thinking of talking to my doc...
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    Nipple ointment bothering baby?

    I went to my 6th LC today and had a great meeting. Feeling more confident I put my DD back to breast and she ended up with the same symptoms from earlier. Symptoms that we thought were from her...
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    Re: My BF story - need help

    Oh this is such a relief...just to talk to other people about this!

    I am not using the shield anymore. She was pulling back and nibbling on the end of it which was really painful. That led to...
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    My BF story - need help

    My daughter is 6 weeks old today. I was a planned C-S and my milk did not come in for 8 days. In the hospital I tried to BF to feed her colostrum but she would not latch. The LC in the hospital...
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