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  1. Re: reflux, low milk supply


    My son had reflux around that age. I want to just encourage you to keep breastfeeding if you so desire. I nursed my son every 45minutes to an hour and a half. I really did not want to...
  2. Re: ?, Is he weaned now?

    I did in fact get my toddler back yesterday. He was a bit hesitant about things. Not long did he jump back into the flow of things and pick up where he left off. I initiated nursing by asking him if...
  3. Re: Can I redirect my son away from nursing and not dampen the nursing relationship?

    I personally do not like to tell others what they "should" or should not do when it comes down to their lifestyle. So, yes, follow your instincts and your sons lead as you see fit.
  4. Re: What do you call them? (for LO?)

    I have always asked my older son if he wanted to drink. So, since around 11 months he has said "gink", then at about 15 months "drink." Now he called both "his drinks." I was searching for nursing...
  5. Re: getting plain tired of it...

    Yes sweetie, congradulations on how long you have nursed :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap!

    I think that the biggest problem we extended nursing mothers face is that we do not have enough examples in our...
  6. Re: ?, Is he weaned now?

    Thanks so much! I will check now.
  7. Re: ?, Is he weaned now?

    I still haven't gotten my son back since March 15th :o. Does anyone know if a toddler would be able to nurse after being abruptly weaned and taken away from a mother for over 2-weeks? My husband...
  8. Re: Twiddling during nursing

    Well, I have always maintained the belief that while nursing there ought to be boundaries of some sort. For example, allowing your child to pull your shirt up-for me a real no-no. At first, it seems...
  9. ? for LLL and others, Is he weaned now?

    I am the mama whose 2.5 year old was taken away and concealed by his father on March 15, 2008. I have been through the wringer and back, trying to get my hands on my son since then. I feel like I am...
  10. Re: Uh-oh, Aunt Flo is back!

    Maybe so, :eye. I got mine back at 11 months, but did not have it again for 3or 4 months, again after another 3 months, then got pregnant at 17 or 18 months after birth. So, this time I expect it...
  11. Re: Uh-oh, Aunt Flo is back!

  12. Re: 2 year well baby appt.

    Me too, I wish I was. I try to keep quiet without imposing. But you know keeping quiet is not working for me anymore.

    People need to educated themselves on many topics to be well rounded. If you...
  13. Re: Annoyed re: dental issues

    I know too much fluoride can cause those same symptons. Sorry, about all the frustration you are feeling. I will try to look for the link that provides that information and post it here for you. :hug
  14. Re: Anna asked her nanny to nurse her

    My DS#1 would try to nurse anyone who would be holding him when he was hungry while under 6 months. Recently being at my moms, he saw her breasts, and said "drinks." My mom told him they were not his...
  15. Re: nursing making me feel HORRIBLE. I think its time. HELP.

    Personally, I believe every child under 5 or 6 should have a nap or downtime. A time when all activity sort of slows/stops. Sleep may not happen everyday, but at least quiet time.

    On the the...
  16. Re: Problems with DH, what should I do?

    I am dealing with that and more, :ita. It's a real pain. So, I just wanted to say that our culture stinks. No really, it is in a crisis, and children are the biggest loosers. Time limits are not the...
  17. Re: how long did you nurse

    I am nursing my 28 month old, and dad seems to try to make him feel ashamed, and of course, it affects me also. I want him to show signs of being ready before I cut down and have healthy views of...
  18. Re: Milk coming down from the nose??

    Yes, I have! Trying to keep up with the sudden gush of milk is hard work. So, it may go up instead of down the throat. It's alright though. No probs as a result.
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    Sorry to say this, but really, I do not understand why we have to allow such pressure from anyone, including DH's, to force mothers to make their children grow up fast and be independent. It seems...
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    I agree. It takes sacrifice for both mom and dad to raise children aright. When children are in the picture, there is no room for tantrums from mom or dad. Children are first. Why? Because your...
  21. Re: SOOOOO Excited!!!!

    Great job! Hooray!!!
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    Re: Tell for BFing.

    That goes to show how different styles of BFing and bottle-feeding plays a role in how children will communicate there hunger need. It seems, and again, I say seems, that children who are fed on...
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    Re: Tell for BFing.

    That was the first and most special one for me with my older son. At 11 months he would say "gink" for drink people-still people will ask him what he would like to drink being 28 months. He also...
  24. Re: I've been in tears all day because of this...

    Please do or send me a pm. THX!
  25. Re: Is this wrong or just weird?....

    That is a good alternative to biting mommy :ita. I have not allowed my sons the pleasure of a paci. Neither did I allow my older son to walk around with a sippy full of juice. Found out that helps to...
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