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  1. Re: Question on replacing nursing sessions with cow's milk/f

    Yes I am talking about weaning and replacing nursing sessions. I barely pump more than 6-7 ounces during the day anyways, so she only gets 2 bottles of 3-3.5 ounces each at this point. Then the...
  2. Question on replacing nursing sessions with cow's milk/food

    I have a 13.5 month old and work full-time, and am proud to say I've nursed her this long! She is definitely not attached to the boob, could probably care less about it - certainly never "asks" for...
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    Re: Block feeding question

    She's 8 weeks old, and cannot handle the spray during let down when my breasts are full. When they are soft, it's not a problem at all. She gets very mad when I pull her off during the letdown...
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    Block feeding question

    I am doing block feeding to try and settle my overactive letdown, and am wondering how in the world I'm supposed to feed on the breast that's been ignored for 2 feeds when it's so engorged? That's...
  5. Re: 7 wk old not opening mouth anymore!! HELP

    She rarely gets a bottle, the last time was last week, and before that about a week in between as well. We only did it to give me a break and get her used to it for when I head back to work. We don't...
  6. 7 wk old not opening mouth anymore!! HELP

    I dont know what is going on! We've had latching problems from the beginning and are still working on things, but now she won't even open her mouth wide to latch on. She does this weird tongue thing...
  7. One month old all of the sudden clicking/losing suction

    Just when I finally thought we had gotten the BF thing down, my little girl has started clicking and losing suction now. I feel like it causes her to swallow lots of air and get frustrated, and milk...
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    Latch/sucking problems in 3 week old

    I have always been worried about my little girl and whether she's getting enough milk. She typically only nurses on one side, for 7-8 minutes, occasionally she'll sit on there for more than 15...
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