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    Re: Squeaky ear when BF

    I read that a drop or two of breastmilk in the ear helps - lots of white blood cells to fight the infection. When I ran out of ideas to relieve his discomfort last night, I tried it - his ear hasn't...
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    Squeaky ear when BF

    My LO has been fighting a cold the past couple of days. He has been nursing more frequently during this time (come on Mommy antibodies!). This afternoon, I heard a very peculiar squeaking as he...
  3. Re: SOS--Severe gas/abdominal pain, spit


    I'm willing to try anything! My LO was showing significant improvement shortly after I cut both dairy and soy out of my diet a couple of weeks ago...but we had an unexplained bad episode...
  4. Re: SOS--Severe gas/abdominal pain, spit

    thanks to all of you for the generous words of support and advice! i'll try cutting out dairy and soy now. as a (lacto-ovo) vegetarian, i feel like i'm running out of food options (he has exhibited...
  5. Re: SOS--Severe gas/abdominal pain, spit

    they sent us to the ER because his belly was bloated and very tender to the touch for several days. he didn't have a significant temperature (99.4), though. i should mention we are a military...
  6. Re: SOS--Severe gas/abdominal pain, spit

    p.s. Not sure what this means, but I started back on (very limited) amounts of dairy after our ER visit and (immediately) my son's poop returned to its standard yellow.
  7. SOS--Severe gas/abdominal pain, spit up

    My 3 month old son has had a history of projectile spit up since approximately 2-3 weeks of age. His pediatrician prescribed Zantac for assumed acid reflux, but we saw no improvement. In fact, his...
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