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    Hi ladies! So happy to be nursing my second child and back on here! Nursing is going well but there is always something that comes up, right?

    My nursling (almost 4 months old) and my 2 year old...
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    Uneven supply

    Hi ladies!

    This is my second time nursing. I BF'd my first daughter for 13.5 months with just a few hiccups along the way. This daughter took to nursing straight away and we haven't really has...
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    Re: Metamucil?

    Thanks so much for your input ladies! And thank you Karen for checking on that for me! I meant to but couldn't find the website that I used to look medications up on and haven't had time to do a...
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    Hi ladies. I gave birth to my second daughter on 4/6/13 and have been BF'ing her ever since. I BF'd her 2 year old sister for 13.5 months. So as a result of labor/delivery, I have some awful...
  5. Re: OALD?? And a pumping question

    She will be 8 weeks tomorrow. We have given her a bottle 2 or 3 times before and she doesn't reallly seem to care how she gets fed as long as she's getting food. She's a piglet :D
  6. OALD?? And a pumping question

    So I think I have OALD, but not sure. The last 2 days at the late afternoon feeding (between 4-6pm), DD will be nursing and then spit up at the breast. It comes out her nose and then she chokes. ...
  7. Re: Ready to Give Up, plus a few questions

    Just a quick update--my little Jane did wonderfully at the wedding! I did nurse her twice, once during cocktail hour and once during the reception. I just went outside (it was a really nice...
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    Weight loss/exercise question

    Hi Mamas!

    My LO is 7 weeks old today and BF'ing is getting MUCH easier (if any nof you recall I was about to give up last week. What a difference a week makes!)

    So I want to get back into my...
  9. Re: Ready to Give Up, plus a few questions

    Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for the encouragement and all the advice. I seriously had no idea how much I didn't know about breastfeeding until I started attempting to do it.

    I don't know if I have...
  10. Re: Ready to Give Up, plus a few questions

    Oh my gosh, you ladies are the best! I am feeling a little better. For one thing, Jane did MUCH better today. She nursed like she normally does and wasn't stuck to my boob all day long like...
  11. Ready to Give Up, plus a few questions

    *Sigh* Jane is my first baby and she was born 6 weeks ago (tomorrow), 18 days early. I've been breastfeeding her since the first hour she came out of me. During her first week of life we had to...
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