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    Re: Milk supply decreased drastically

    When i say can it dissappear that quickly i mean the milk and mastitis
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    Milk supply decreased drastically

    I recently got a really bad UTI and within 2 days i went from pumping 1.5 oz total every 2 hours to not even .5oz every 2 hours.They only thing i noticed that i changed was that since the UTI made me...
  3. Re: Help. Breastfeeding after supplementing problems.

    Thank you for the reassurance lllmeg. It has been a difficult process and there has been some tears.
  4. Re: Help. Breastfeeding after supplementing problems.

    - How much formula are you using at this point? (How many bottles per day, how many oz in each bottle?) It depends on how much breastmilk he gets via pumped or on the boob. But i usually only...
  5. Help. Breastfeeding after supplementing problems.

    My husband and I just had our first baby. I am having troubles on what to do atm. I had him on August 7th and our whole hospital visit i could not get him to latch, even with both lactation...
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