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    Re: good tasting vitamins with iron?

    We've had the low iron issue, as well.

    I think (just a hunch) it has something to do with little one being on prevacid (we've just weaned him off of this now he's just over a year old and so far,...
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    Re: Proactiv & Breastfeeding

    I asked two different doctors, both said it was fine. I used it through my pregnancy and continue to use it while breastfeeding. It works great.

    I try to use it only once a day (the...
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    Cough and Cold: Solutions?

    DS has a cold. This one is a bad one, the coughing is waking him up and making it hard for all of us to get some sleep. Due to his congestion, he doesn't want to nurse at night (congestion is worse...
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    Re: Hand Sanitizer

    i would not use hand sanitizer on your LO. I got an article from my SIL which listed how bad the sanitizer was for kids. I wish I could find the article but I can't...but here was the main point -...
  5. Re: spitting up more and screaming when feeding

    "...he screams and is shaking his head when i try feed him, he also does this sometimes when he wants to feed, and latches on and off.......also during the nigth, he is now only waking up every 4...
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    Re: bitting me!

    My DS bit me 4 times in one night when his teeth were new to him. I was not a fan, let me tell ya, it hurt!

    That said, he only did it when he was pretty much finished with his serious eating and...
  7. Re: Sleep Issue, Teething, Sick, or Spoiled?

    Thanks for sharing, this is exactly how I feel...just trying to get DH to share my persective on it. :shrug Sometimes it seems he just doesn't get it.

    That said, I've been super sick for the past...
  8. Re: Sleep Issue, Teething, Sick, or Spoiled?

    Thanks for the feedback! :)

    At least I know I'm not losing my mind or just missing something obvious, that helps.

    Knowing it's just a stage and it will pass, at least gives me hope and I can go...
  9. Sleep Issue, Teething, Sick, or Spoiled?

    Hi Mamas, I need your help.

    DS is 8 months old. He's never been a great sleeper or napper, but we've done ok, and managed to survive this long....until now, we have reached my breaking point and...
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    Re: What to start on?

    I heard the same thing from my SIL about the rice cereal, so I started little one on banana first, then pear a week later, then cooked apple a week after that, then we took a week break introducing...
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    Re: pedi's advice: stop nighttime nursing

    I say keep doing what you are doing. If it's not broken, why fix it?

    I think you little one's weight is just fine! My DS was ahead on weight for a while and it is evening out now...he was born 7...
  12. Re: does reflux get better or worse after starting solids?

    DS started playing with solids a little over a week ago. First I gave him a little very mushy banana a few times, he was slightly interested. Now, at week two of introducing solids, he just tried...
  13. Re: does reflux get better or worse after starting solids?

    I'm eager to see the responses to this, as well.

    Our ped gastro says it gets better...I find that hard to believe, so I'm eager to see some IRL BFing mama responses.

    Good question!!!
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    Re: At the end of my rope...PLEASE help!!

    How about doing what I call the partial swaddle? I use this with DS, it keeps him warm, helps him feel snuggly like being swaddled...but gives him the freedom to kick his legs and move his arms...
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    Re: Is it worth it?

    :clap Good for you for all your hard work so far!

    I'd try and BF. It's soooo much easier than pumping (and I should know b/c I'm way too lazy to deal with the bottles). I initially thought I'd...
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    Re: Sudden change in bowel habits??

    I wouldn't worry about this unless he suddenly seems unhappy or you notice other things that don't seem normal for him.

    These changes seem to happen overnight, mine DS experienced the same...
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    Re: how to fix reverse cycling?

    My DS is doing the exact same thing, he's a week shy of 5 months and is on prevacid for reflux...walking zombie is right...and then I have guilt because I know that many small "snacker" meals are...
  18. Re: pedia says I should give my 4 month old yogurt?!?

    How about Mom taking the probiotic or eating the cow's milk free yogurt? I eat a yogurt a day as directed when leaving the hospital (to keep good microbes growth up and yeast growth down)....while...
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    Re: Do I have to give up breastfeeding?

    PPs make good points.

    One thing I found telling in reading the original post is that LO has the same experience whether the BM is from the breast directly or expressed. I think you may have a two...
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    Re: pumping during a nursing strike

    You can also try just pumping one side at a time...not as convenient...but that way you are keeping up supply, yet, still available if you LO is interested in eating. If LO decides to eat after you...
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    Re: High needs and Breastfeeding

    Thanks all for the feedback :)

    I'm a big Dr. Sears fan, thought I was missing something :shrug but looks like I'm on the right track.

    Thanks again!!!
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    Re: explosive poos

    DS has one or two explosive ones a day...they happen at about the same time every day...started when he was in Pampers Swaddlers size 2, so since I had some Pampers Swaddlers size 2-3s on hand (I...
  23. Re: increasing amount of time b/t feedings to stretch stomach size?

    My ped suggested yesterday increasing time between feeds to stretch the stomach.

    I said, I had a low tolerance to hearing my DS screaming due to hunger. Ped dropped the subject immediately.

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    High needs and Breastfeeding

    Was at the ped today, Dr said DS (4 months) was high needs...how is tha possible? I feel this was based on his feeding 11-15 times/day. DS has reflux, I was told frequent small meals were the way...
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    Re: Help, I'm so frustrated!

    We experienced all the same symptoms with DS and reflux. It got so bad, I was afraid he was going to have an aversion to eating (he used to scream at the sight of me, even when he was hungry, and I...
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