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    Re: Family Criticism

    I've kept two articles in my diaperbag since DS was a Year old. My Mom is not exactly for breastfeeding past a year but she hasn't said anything to me about it since I was a kid. I remember her...
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    Re: So how often do you nurse?

    My 24 month old nurses 4-5 times a day if we are home, less if we are out and busy.
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    Re: Is DD getting enough Vitamin D?

    I don't take vitamins regularly, about once every two weeks and my levels are perfect. I did have them checked. It's called sunlight.

    I would rather take my advice from a trusted source like...
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    Re: Is DD getting enough Vitamin D?

    I live in Canada and I don't give Vitamin D to my DS or even take it other than what is in my multi.

    From Dr. Newman:
    6. Breastfeeding babies need extra vitamin D.

    Not true! Everyone needs...
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    Re: Pressure to Wean BEFORE 1

    I was mentioning to my Mom that as soon and DS 1 is in school and we are back on a routine I will be trying out DS 2 on the potty learning. She says Oh so you'll be weaning him too soon. All I said...
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    Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    My little guy woke up this morning and promptly puked all over our bed. It's been 2 hours and he hasn't done it again and is nursing. I hope that this isn't it but if he does have it at least now I...
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    Re: 15 month old - few solids

    My DS is 15 months and 20 pounds. He eats very little too but is extremely healthy. He has only had 1 cold. Super active too. Loves to climb. He is very tiny as in short and on the thiner side...
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    Re: Toddler Poo Question

    Ooh! Kiwi freaked me out. The seeds looked like little bugs all over DS's bum. :lol

    The inside orange skins go right through too.
  9. Re: Having difficulty with one year old and eating!

    My DS was 19 pounds at 1 year. Not quite as small as your DD but still small. He doesn't eat much either. I am doing BLS so I just let him eat what he wants, I offer him different things through...
  10. Re: In need of advice and support (kinda long)

    I remember reading somewhere that the peak time for your milk supply is in the morning and that it drops in the evening. I think it was KellyMom. Correct me if I am wrong. It's been a while since...
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    Re: Christmas Trees and Toddlers...

    We have a tiny little house so we have a tiny little 4 foot tree. This year I am putting it up on an end table so DS won't be able to reach the bottom limbs.
  12. Re: How often nursing / how much food?

    Sounds just like my DS. He will sit in his highchair for about 5 minutes. Shovel what I put there into his mouth and then want to be on the go again. He doesn't eat much in the two 5 minute...
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    Re: Need Reassurance for BLS

    We are doing BLS with DS2. He didn't really start to eat much of anything until 9 months. I now offer finger foods twice a day. He gets board of it in under 5 minutes. Though he can pack away...
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    Re: how much is enough?

    The recommendations of your dietian doesn't seem right to me. Have you read Kelly Mom's Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet? The second point under "Nursing toddlers benefit NUTRITIONALLY" is that...
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    Re: How long have you been

    DS 2 is one today! And still nursing several times a day and night. DS1 was Breastfed for 9 months. That adds up to only 21 months. I am hoping to go to 2 years or longer with DS 2.
  16. Temas: Help

    by @llli*amandyg

    Re: Help

    He may be still a bit young for a soother but you could try letting your DS suck on your pinky finger. I know that my DS acted that way when he didn't want to eat, He just wanted to suck. My DS was...
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    Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    My DS is doing the same things. He gets two meals a day and will eat for about 5 minutes then starts to throw stuff overboard. He still nurses constantly. 8+ times a day. I don't stress about it....
  18. Re: A Cute funny little thing happened.....

    I was lying on the couch the other day, reading and DS came over and pulled on my shirt and tried to latch on to what was exposed. I popped out my boob and he had a quick snack standing there by the...
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    Re: Vitamin D?

    I'm here in sunny AB and I've never given the drops to DS. There is Vitamin D in Breastmilk it is just not in as high a quantity as formula. And it can be a problem if the Mother is lacking Vitamin...
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    Re: 10 mo no interest in solids

    My 11 month old gets only one meal a day and it is usually just a few cheerios or black bean or pieces of what ever we are eating that he can feed himself. He doesn't like the spoon the few times...
  21. Re: uh... who wants to answer this question?

    I started out wearing a 36 D before I got pregnant with #2 but I think I should have been wearing a DD and I am wearing DD now at 11 months nursing. When I do wear one. :lol

    I was a 36 C whan I...
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    Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    DS is 10 months and still eats very little. Like PP said food right now is for learning not nutrition.
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    Re: Youngest Weaners :)

    With DS 1 I didn't have this wonderful board to come to and I ended up starting to supplement DS at 6 months, during a growth spurt, and by 9 months he was no longer interested in nursing and my...
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    Re: opinions on co-sleeping

    With DS 1 we only had a queen so DH felt crowded so DS went to his crib by 4 months. There were many nights I fell asleep on the futon in his room while feeding him. With DS2 we co slept in our bed...
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    Re: 7 - Calling moms of 7 month olds?

    DS is just 7 months and we still haven't really started solids. He is such a happy baby and doesn't seem unsatisfied with just breast milk. We did try giving him some Avocado at 6 months but he...
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