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    Re: Just stuck

    Just want to add a you mama are wonderful... you are not giving up, and even if you think you are just giving them a little bit, you are giving them a lot!!!! its hard to keep up, I didnt have...
  2. Re: What do you want to see in the new Womanly Art of Breastfeeding?

    Is it out yet?
  3. Re: Pediatric Premmie Special, Neonatal, Pediatric, or Family Doctor????

    I called the hospital, and made an appointment with the neonathologist :gvibes

    They told me that DD didnt need fallow-up visits, and they only do that with critical cases... But the appointment is...
  4. Re: Pediatric Premmie Special, Neonatal, Pediatric, or Family Doctor????

    I am calling the hospital and see if I can get a reference for a pediatrician and/or an appointment with the Neonatologist....

    The baby has few marks under her neck, what i was told was that...
  5. Re: Pediatric Premmie Special, Neonatal, Pediatric, or Family Doctor????

    I wish I could have that.... Right now my DD is only seen for the pediatrician and I feel quit insecure about her knowing what she is talking about... with a regular full term baby I dont dought her...
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    Re: So today was my due date...

    DARA - Thaks for sharing... so sorry you had to expirience that horrible tragedy. A friend of mine went throught a similar situation. She was 38 weeks too and was caring for her garden, with out...
  7. Pediatric Premmie Special, Neonatal, Pediatric, or Family Doctor????

    Which health care do you use for the care of your premmie????

    I have being seen a Pediatric but everytime she is pushing food, calories and others items and telling me that she should be gaining...
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    Re: Fortifying my Breastmilk

    They did that at NICU and I fallow up once we were home... Human Milk Fortifier for a little while until she gain good weight.... alone with other Vitamins and Iron.... But my baby was very small,...
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    Re: Why am I not producing milk?

    do they introduce their hand inside ouch! or check physically the placenta?:yikes
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    Re: Introducing Pumping

    Hey mama... how nice that you would like DH to feed your lo, its really sweet... 16 days is very young for a child to be introduced to a bottle... any ways I used Platex drop-ins and loved them, they...
  11. Re: Foods to increase milk and foods that will decrease milk

    I used to eat oatmeal, in bars, for breastfast, and before bed... To decrease supply I know cabagge will do the job :cool:... Great article mama...
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    Re: why do they push the formula??

    Yeap, my sis is going school for RN... She tells me how others treat patients, and why she loves her job... (agreed, not all nurses are somewhat careless) They do things fast, because they have too...
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    Re: EP but would like to BF

    I agree with previous poster, she gave you all the details about skin to skin contact.... That is the best way to stimulate the baby to look for your breast... also, put her on your chest and try to...
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    Re: Protecting from germs...

    You are not overreacting mama, our lo's are really fragile, people will understand that, if they they dont, then dont let that bother you... Its harder to see them get sick, it last longer on them......
  15. Re: Help with pumping for my 25 week preemie

    Hillary its right, Domeperidone is not available in the USA but you can get it somewhere else...

    I used it for a long, long time to help me bring my supply up... At 6 weeks my dumb OB prescribed...
  16. Re: Frustrated with breastfeeding a non-eater

    You are doing great mama... By your post you are way ahead of the game... soon he will be a pro... :gvibes :gvibes :gvibes
  17. Re: Help with pumping for my 25 week preemie

    Hello Mama... Congrats on the birth of your baby :clap

    I am mom with a preemie too, and agreed 100% with other posters... Do Kangoroo with your lo if you can, I dont know if you can hold her...
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    Re: Can my baby drink too much?

    I hope that no news is good news mama :hug
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    Re: Latching issue

    Yes, me too... lay in the bed and have Owen nursing and a upper possition like the flow wont be as heavy... :hug
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    Re: I need some help....

    5 minutes away go for it mama.... and like PP said give them time to transitions... it most be difficult to have you all day and not have you any more for like 8 hours... It will get better you will...
  21. Temas: Omg!

    by @llli*lulu.mom

    Re: Omg!

    So funny, but I cant imagine the reaction of the poor boy... what it would be in his head at this moment, what is he thinking? :lol :lol poor little guy....

    Your boss laughing tells me he wont...
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    Re: Pumping while driving

    I used to pumped every day for more then 10 months on my way to work and coming back to pick up DD....

    I had su much supply on those 2 pumping seasions.. amazing...

    The Trick - get set up...
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    Re: Pumping Stories

    Bumping to see my post...
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    Poll: Re: WWYD? Places to Pump?!?!

    I voted Locker room... you can use a cover if not for you for other people so that they wont feel embarrest for the situation.... You never know who will walk in :gvibes
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    Re: Pumping Stories

    :lol :lol :lol so funny stories...

    I have a lactation room at work, but as always someone has to have a key right.... well, I was pumping while someone needed to check the ventilation in the room...
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