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    Re: to supplement or not?

    I tried it at nap time yesterday and she woke fully and sat up on her knees screaming and crying when I ooched in to get my breast close to her. She's okay with my shirt up or off and will kiss,...
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    Re: to supplement or not?

    So if a nearly 11 month old is not nursing and so only gets 4-8 oz. a day, is that okay?
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    Re: nursing strike.....HELP!

    Thank you. Still trying to woo her back. Now, when I have my shirt off, she kisses....much better than biting, but still no nursing.:cry
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    to supplement or not?

    I'm very distraught and sad. My girl, who will be 11 months old in 10 days is on a nursing strike. I pump 4 times a day but only get about 8 total ounces. While I'm weathering the storm and...
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    nursing strike.....HELP!

    If 2 years ago you had told me that babies can sometimes decide not to nurse, I would have said you are CRAZY! What baby on earth wouldn't want to nurse. My son (and first) nursed until 23 months...
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    Re: when can I give lentils?

    Peas have a lot of iron, too.
  7. Re: If you don't give LO cows milk, what do you give them?

    I started giving my son a mixture of almond milk and hemp milk at 15 or 16 months. I make sure to buy only the unsweetened versions. I know hemp milk sounds kind of trippy, right? But there's...
  8. Re: nursing making me feel HORRIBLE. I think its time. HELP.

    The first sort of weaning measure I took with DS was to change the order of events. I talked about it and the change at lunch time and at dinner time. We usually had dinner, bath then lolo (milk). ...
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    Re: Having trouble... could use advice

    Don't rule out thrush as a possibility, but I had intense nipple soreness which was the source of many tears with absolutely no medical cause. I simply had over-supply issues and despite seeing 3...
  10. Re: toddler still nursing ...mama ready to wean

    That was my little guy a few months ago, so we changed around the bedtime routine. I nursed him after dinner, before the bath, then brush teeth, jammies, potty, story. Now, he nurses 1-3 times a...
  11. Re: Don't offer ... Don't refuse question?

    We were / are down to about 3 times a day also, and I do pretty much the same thing. Sometimes he'll ask for lolo (milk) but gets really excited when I offer him water (if I think he's thirsty), or...
  12. Re: Weaning my 13 month old (lots of crying). Tips please!!!!

    We did the Dr. Jay Gordon method at about 13 months and 1 week, but slowed it down a bit. At first, I just wanted to see if it work, so I chose the hours between 12-4 so as to eliminate the 2 am...
  13. Re: Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

    Have you tried just a regular cup (with you holding it) or a cup with a straw. DS got the hang of that long before he ever discovered the magic of tipping his head back to drink from the Nuby or...
  14. Re: Question about night weaning. . .

    Very, very slowly. A few months ago, before I even thought of nightweaning, we started putting him down to start the night in his crib, after bedtime routine and nice long nursing session. When /...
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    Re: Juice - Yes or No ?

    My son troll the story-time circle looking for sippy cups. As soon as he sees one unattended, he snatches it as fast as he can. He doesn't know what's in the cup...he just loves to drink water. ...
  16. Temas: Pain

    by @llli*kilobravo

    Re: Pain

    I had nipple soreness for 3 months! I asked an LC why the soreness just magically disappeared at that time. She said that my supply had most likely evened out and that DS could get a better latch....
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    What are your LOs drinking?

    In addition to breastmilk (4-6 x a day), he's drinking water, mainly, and occasionally a yogurt fruit smoothie. Is there a good way to avoid cow's milk in the weaning process? Does anyone offer...
  18. Re: we have a little problem with biting

    My son tends to bite more when he's teething. Hope he gets the message.
  19. Question about night weaning. . .

    Hi everyone,

    Several weeks ago, we began the process of slowly night weaning my now 15 month old DS. I felt the time was right to try for a 5 hour stretch of sleep for everyone involved. He...
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    Re: how does your lo "ask"?

    My little guy points at the ninny and signs "more." Once he made the sign for "drink" and since the ninny was what I had available, that's what he got. Cute thread, btw.

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    Re: Weaning and naptime

    I haven't weaned at naptime or any time yet, but sometimes the nursing doesn't put him to sleep. That's when I wear him in sling, Moby wrap, or Mei Tai and walk around with him or bounce on a yoga...
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    Re: Youngest Weaners :)

    Great thread! DS is 13 mos and nurses 2-4 times a day plus nighttime feedings. I'm about ready to try and get rid of that midnight feeding in the hopes that he'll sleep from my bedtime until the...
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    Re: Night feedings

    What a great thread. I just signed on and was going to post about what's been going on with DS who's 10 mos and co-sleeping and waking up oh, say, every 2 hours. I'm definitely going to check out...
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    Re: nestle rice cereal ingredients...

    We skipped the cereal until recently. Now, DS shares my oatmeal w/me.

  25. Re: PLEASE HELP!! Baby will NOT take bottle!!

    Hmm...I hate to say it, but it may be the milk that's the issue, not the bottle. My little guy started off with the bottle in the NIC-U then didn't have a bottle for months. Re-introducing the...
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