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  1. Re: Introducing Cereal, is vomiting bad?

    :ita If your baby is truly iron deficient and cannot get it from her diet, then she can have iron supplements.
    Not only does breastmilk contain the right amount of iron for most infants to be...
  2. Re: Baby unlatching and wants to keep eating but won't latch

    Hi, couple ideas
    fast letdown has many 'symptoms' and not all are present all the time. So spraying or dripping need not be present to indicate ffld.

    Is baby gasping, coughing, choking when you...
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    Re: How to wean almost 3 year old

    First I agree with tclynx. You do not mention what medication you need to take nor if there is an alternative, but it is certainly true that most meds are safe for a mother to take even when a...
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    Re: Where's the poop?!

    Hey unless there is some reason to think your baby is not getting enough milk, this is probably just normal.
    After around age 6 weeks it is quite common for exclusively breast-fed babies to have...
  5. Re: 4 week not eating well and not interested in breast feed

    Hi I hope op is still around.
    Thank you for the conversions bsua65. The kellymom article is excellent and I agree, someone helping baby latch better and nurse better is important as is checking for...
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    Re: Information about latch problem

    Hi, so sorry you are having these struggles! It is really awful when nursing hurts. how old is baby? Is baby exclusively breastfed?

    What have you tried positioning and latch wise? Many babies do...
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    Re: my baby has tummy aches

    this sounds like a normal 2 week old to me. Brand newborns have very immature digestive systems that are just learning to process food. So of course there is often some discomfort.

    please do not...
  8. Re: Supply affected from one night out?

    No, one night (actually a few hours?) of not nursing is not going to cause major problems especially when there were none before.
    Nursing habits change. Babies nurse more often or otherwise...
  9. Re: 2 Yr Old only bf'ing, refuses all other liquids!

    To gently encourage your son to take liquid in another form, what about hanging out at the park or playdate etc. with other kids who are drinking from a variety of containers?
    My 2 year old takes...
  10. Re: 4 week not eating well and not interested in breast feed

    Hi. So you think this is excessive sleepiness or normal sleepiness? What did doctor and LC say about sleepiness? Newborns basically sleep and eat most of the time, with some nice bouts of fussiness...
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    Re: Answer about over feed baby?

    I assume you think your should do this because you pumped 3.5 ounces per side, and you know that that number represents a full feeding?
    So, the short answer is no, no reason to "nurse one side." It...
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    Re: pitting edema of breasts

    I think in general it is a good idea to check with doctor about severe edema. Of course temporary edema is to be expected when you have been pumped full of fluids, but it is important to be sure...
  13. Re: Newborn Not Satisfied After Nursing

    oops forgot hand expression - http://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000000001WAB/WAB_Tear_sheet_Toolkit/06_hand_expression.pdf
  14. Re: Newborn Not Satisfied After Nursing

    Whoops. Totally missed baby has had a frenotomy.

    When was this? TT of course is a cause of poor milk transfer and it can take some time for mobility to return/baby to be able to nurse effectively...
  15. Re: Newborn Not Satisfied After Nursing

    I understand this logic, however it does not always hold true that babies behavior indicates how much or little milk baby is getting. I wonder:

    What is weight check history birth until now? Note...
  16. Re: Feeding for over an hour at 7 weeks?

    No it is not normal for a baby to need to nurse for 90 minutes in order to get enough milk.
    However it is normal for a baby to cry and fuss if they are laid down to sleep. Most newborn babies wish...
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    Re: formula for better sleep?

    I agree with Mommal-what if there was definitive proof that formula increased a moms sleep? Would that be a reason to switch to formula even some of the time when not otherwise necessary, with all...
  18. Re: Baby prefers one breast to the other

    I agree preference for one side is common and is not necessarily a problem even in the extreme as it is possible in some cases for baby to get plenty of milk from one side.

    Also, 4 months is a...
  19. Re: Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    3 kids, all nursed for over two years, (oldest two nursed over 4 years, youngest is now 2 and a half and nursing.)
    All co-slept, nursed overnight, and not a cavity among them yet. oldest is now 11....
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    Re: Question about Mastitis

    It sounds like a plug. Heat may not be the best thing in that case, the thinking is changing a bit on that. Cold compresses and vibration (like an electric toothbrush) may help if heat and massage is...
  21. Re: Can a baby be "allergic" to breastmilk?

    I am not an expert by any means. but my understanding is some babies cannot process lactose. But yes this is an exceedingly rare condition and probably would have been noticeably making baby very,...
  22. Re: Article about Rise of Exclusive Pumping

    I suspect the actual data is flawed in defining differentiations between nursing some and nursing 'exclusively', pumping some or 'exclusively, reasons for pumping, (of which there are many) and also...
  23. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    I was not suggesting you should not have posted what you did. I was simply offering my thoughts as well.
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    Re: When to worry about weight?

    More safe sun exposure is great, but it is not likely to be enough if they are actually deficient or borderline. Also it would depend how close to the equator you are, if it is winter or summer...
  25. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Fussyness, crying, hiccups, spit up, not spitting up, gassiness, and grunting, -all of this truly sounds entirely normal to me.

    One thing to look may be the 'regular' burping. I have seen parents...
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