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    Re: Supplementing

    hi mama,
    There are other posters that will be probably better than I, far more knowledgeable, that will chime in for help regarding how to deal with the supplementing, what I wanted to say that...
  2. Re: skip out on dairy and water til one year old?

    Today my hubs took the baby in for a check up to our original ped who has been absent for months and for once a doctor said the same thing I think...since she's bf no need for dairy. That was nice to...
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    Re: Pumping at Work

    You know your baby. I used to take my baby off after I thought she fell asleep but then I realized I may have been doing it when she could still get some out ...Experiment one day and she what she...
  4. Re: Doc says not nursing for long enough each Breast

    omg I couldnt even finish reading your post....WTH is your doctor saying???? Does not know what he/she is talking about. :angrypin

    Seriously I have had enough of the uneducated doctors spitting...
  5. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Ahh i love this suggestion thank you so much ...was wondering what wed do when wanted to move on from cotton squares. thank you x a million
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    Re: pacifier?

    I wasn't a fan of using one and when I did try in the early days she spit it out anyway. There were a couple of months that were a couple restless nights of wanting to eat but they stopped...
  7. Re: Almost 12 mos - should I reduce solids to keep baby nur

    " Many times he'll latch and suck a few times, or for a minute or so (not long enough for the milk to let down), but then refuses to keep going. Does that count as a feeding? I don't really count it...
  8. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Do you use baby wipes? They contain toxic chemicals, that could be the cause. (if you aren't familiar about the toxins, I encourage you to read about what is in our self care products) We have only...
  9. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    here here! My niece is three months older than my daughter, and was/is? only puree fed. My MIL, who is her caregiver, told me she doesn't know what to do with non purees and that she fears it is...
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    Re: Joint pain

    I don't use an contraceptive medicine so for me it wasn't that. I do think it was hormonally related.
  11. Re: skip out on dairy and water til one year old?

    Thanks for your responses all! My reasons about the water thing-- I just don't see a need for it, however, I do think it'd be good to get her used to drinking out of something, but I think I will...
  12. Re: Dr Told Me to Stop Nursing my 12 Month Old at Night

    Even though my child is younger than yours, recently my doctor basically told me the same thing and was absolutely shocked and made a huge deal that my baby eats twice or whatever times a night. She...
  13. skip out on dairy and water til one year old?

    I know that BM is adequate enough to hydrate babies, but I am wondering if while my baby is eating some solids now should I be introducing water, with her meal? I read sometimes the mention of...
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    Re: Joint pain

    i just stumbled back across this post, and update on my joint pain, it did go away
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    Re: Nursing length

    I dont think you have reason to worry, everything sounds great, weight, diapers, dont forget how small their little tummies are right now. Babies differ so much from one to another. If it comforts...
  16. Re: doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    UGGH I knew none of it was true!!! I just wish my husband would give me more credit than the doctor, but I suppose I'll have to head back to school and get a medical degree before that'll happen.
  17. Re: doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    No actual health concerns! My baby is on the lower weight end, but my doctor clearly reiterated she is not worried at all about her weight. She is early on milestones. I was sitting there like this...
  18. Re: 6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!

    Can never have enough Breastfeeding Advocates in this world!!!!!!!!!
  19. doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    Well, as another poster recently said, sometimes I feel like I have to hold in details in order to avoid a :fingerwag when I take my baby to the doctor. I am venting my frustrations, but perhaps I...
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    Re: age and eating frequency

    She comes to work w me 3 days a week and is highly distracted and definitely is happy that I remind her :) But actually, I offer when she normally wants to when we are home. I don't interrupt her...
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    Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    Well I'll explain how I do and see what you think....So I recently was just giving my girl solids once a day or every couple of days and it was finger food. I really wasn't invested into giving her...
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    Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    If you sometimes offer her in puree form you could mix veg w fruit. I hear you about the constipation and feel the same about not doing too much too fast. I slowed solids waaay down because my...
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    age and eating frequency

    my baby is in her 8th month, and starting to bite in place of times she would normally eat. I see 2 reasons for it-She currently has two teeth coming in so I know that she could be biting and eating...
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    Re: Advice on Starting to Exercise?

    I started up exercising moderately then vigorously at 5 Mos and my baby never reacted like there was a milk change in any way, no change in my supply. I always worry about not wearing the...
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    Re: Inconsistent Feeds

    is it that she won't feed more than 8 times a day or that you only offer 8 times a day? From my knowledge, for a newborn, 8 times is on the low end, 10 middle 12 good. sometimes even more. She...
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