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    Re: Biting at One Year

    My DS is just over 1 year old. I find that promptly removing him from the breast once he's no longer actively swallowing has cut down on biting. Also, nursing in a quiet place helps--neither of us...
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    Re: how do you bottle feed?

    It's hard not to treat pumped breastmilk like gold. Funny how it's more like a renewable resource when straight from the breast, but a limited resource when pumped. So, we try to gage it so that DS...
  3. Re: Frequent Travel - Are Xrays Dangerous?

    Thank you for the comforting information. How did you go about researching this? I'd like to know more details, but wasn't sure where to start. Getting through security with breastmilk is quite...
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    Do we need to brush after nursing?

    DS just had 12 mth checkup. I like my doctor, but at this appointment, he recommended stopping bottle and nursing saying both are bad for baby's teeth. Instead, I now brush his teeth after nursing,...
  5. Re: Help for my left breast at the one-year mark...

    I'm in the same boat. Baby just turned 1 year. Left breast producing only drops. On my second period. Right breast has always produced double what the left has, but now it's nearly dry. I nurse...
  6. Frequent Travel - Are Xrays Dangerous?

    I travel frequently by air. I generally take the EMB through security. I've been wondering, could xrays do anything to the milk that could harm my baby? And if so, would checking the milk help? I...
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    Re: Travel Q's

    I travel frequently for work--I've been in D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago since the new 3 oz liquid rules and have not had any issues with breastmilk. I was told by the security that both BM...
  8. Re: Pumping at work-anyone have this problem?

    Thank goodness for supportive management. Maybe you can sneak in a few comments here and there to your co-workers about the benefits of breastfeeding. My ds is almost 9 months old and not one sick...
  9. Re: New TSA Guidelines concerning liquids/gels

    Thanks for all the ideas in this posting. I'm getting ready to travel next week and have some more questions. I will be traveling without ds for 3-4 days. I really hate the idea of checking...
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    Re: Left Side = 3 oz. - Right Side = 1 oz.

    Looks like you've received great information (some I'm going to also try). I started pumping at 3 months when I noticed one side only produce a fraction compared to the other. I get 1-3 ounces from...
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    Re: No fruits?

    My DS prefers veggies over fruit. What about avocados? Taste like a vegtable, but they are technically a fruit. Great fats for baby too. These are my DS's favorite. They are pricy, but I run 2...
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    Re: Mommy trying to figure out sippy cup

    My DS also gets bottles during the day while I work. We started the sippy cup around 5 months too. He's now 7 months. I generally put water in the sippy cup (saving breast milk for bottles). I...
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    Re: Baby doesn't like fruit?

    I think fruits can be more tart than veggies. We mix rice cereal, breast milk, and then a fruit (apples, plums, peaches, etc). The breast milk makes it especially sweet.
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    Re: Introducing other types of veg

    My 7 mth old loves acorn squash. It's very easy to make. Cut up the squash, microwave for 10 minutes, let sit for 5, then puree (in a food processor). Squash is great with apple sauce. I buy the...
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    Making Yogart

    My baby is 7 mths old and loves to eat. I read the thread on goat milk/cow milk yogurt prior to age 1, lots of concern on this. Wondering, has anyone made yogurt from breastmilk? I already have a...
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