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    Re: "Cream" Amount

    Hi there

    I posted something similar about a month or so ago. see link: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?105063-Hindmilk...how-much

    I too was concerned as a first time mum that my hindmilk...
  2. Re: Is not eating a growth spurt sign? H

    Thanks all. After about 2 weeks it seems little miss is back to her 4oz per feed, plus some! We've had two good days in a row so thinking she is over whatever the issue was. I check her weight...
  3. Re: Is not eating a growth spurt sign? H

    Thanks for the link. It did cross my mind about the lipase but my milk doesn't ever smell funny or taste bad. I make sure I store it properly and make sure all bottles and bits and pieces are...
  4. Re: Is not eating a growth spurt sign? H

    Well, she is still doing it on and off. Will eat normally at her 3am then 7am feeds, the have only about 2oz during the next two or three feeds. It is really driving me mad and i'm getting a bit...
  5. Re: Is not eating a growth spurt sign? H

    Thanks for the reply ladies. I had a quick look online about ear infections as I know nothing about it, but not really sure that is what is up. She has no temperature, doesn't grab ears and isn't...
  6. Is not eating a growth spurt sign? Help!

    Hi All

    My DD is 12 weeks old today. The last 3 days she has been extremely fussy and NOT eating properly. It is taking her a good 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish her usual 4oz. or 125ml bottle of...
  7. Re: Weaning my 5wk old due to armpit pai


    I had an extremely painful lump under my right armpit during the first weeks. I exclusively express for my LO and it turned out to be a very blocked duct. Is your doctor sure it's breast...
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