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  1. Re: What would the best of all possible worlds look like?

    I second the 'ease in', I was fortunate enough to do that when I came back to work by using our Part Time Full Benefits plan. I had to work a minimum of 24 hours and was eleigible for benefits, but...
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    Re: Crying over spilled milk...

    I lost 5oz last week and cried too. :hug
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    Re: night weaning

    jojo- Any progress?
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    Re: MAM nipples

    I have a pack of 2 listed in the For Sale section, PM me if you are interested.
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    Re: Switching to level 2 nipples?

    We switched at 5.5 months, because it was taking 40+ minutes to finish a 4 oz bottle and she was getting tired and frustrated. She can drain my bbs in 5 minutes flat, pretty much since she was 2...
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    Re: how many oz?

    1. At 4 weeks, I went to an LC to check how much DD was eating - she took in 4oz at a feeding, so that's where I started her with the occasional bottle. We started doing a bottle a day for the month...
  7. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    Ditto PP, my local milk bank took my milk because they mix it in with other large quantities so it dilutes the bad taste. Made me feel alot better about the 150oz I thought no one could use. ...
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    Re: Frustrated! Pump volume depleting!

    Have you tried breast compressions? I do that when I can feel there's still milk in there, and I can usually get another ounce out.

    Once I started back at work, I noticed my let down slowing too,...
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    Re: Pumping whilst travelling - HELP!!

    I packed my frozen milk in a soft sided cooler and packed it right into my luggage. Mine was frozen and I just used gelpacks to keep it cold. It was out of the freezer 8 hours, and did fine. With...
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    Re: night weaning

    jojo- i'm in the same boat as you, though we don't cosleep, because NOONE gets any sleep that way in my house. SO I have to physically get up every time, last night it was 4 times. :yikes I'm hoping...
  11. Re: Pumping, freezing, thawing, & using...

    What I do is use frozen milk ony on Mondays. T-Fri I use fresh milk that I pumped the previous day. I freeze what I pump on Friday. That way I rotate my stash and I use mostly fresh milk. Also it...
  12. Re: i'm desperate!! baby will not take eat

    You may have already tried this, but when DD was rejecting bottle, I found the milk had to be REALLY warm. Like 100-110 degrees. That helped us finally get past it. HTH!
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    Re: Saturday Night Fever

    Also wanted to add, many hotels will provide a room fridge if you ask...don't dump it if you don't have too! And have a blast, I'm jealous!
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    Re: silly question...

    Ditto jadesmom...she's pretty regular during the day, but night time is a bit more demand based, as her wake up times are all over the place.

    I also noticed that once she hit 5 months, she was...
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    Re: 15 wk old sleep patterns changing

    I've also read that many babies go through a sleep regression between 4-6 months because so much brain development goes on. I think askmoxie has info about it. It might go on for a while, but it...
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    Re: 7 mo old losing weight

    BM is more dense calorie-wise than solids, so that will help her put the weight back on more effectively. I'd possibly cut back on the solids...I know my ped suggested 1-2 meals a day at 6 months,...
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    Re: Flu decreased supply!! Oh No!!!

    I was sick a few weeks ago, and took Robitussin, not realizing the cough suppresant affects supply. I took a BIG hit. Now 2 weeks later, I've gone from pumping 12oz at 3 pumpings to nearly 17 oz at...
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    Re: Right side has more than left??

    My right side is my better producer too, usually at least by 0.5 oz. I try to always feed the left side first, or if only one feed during the night, make it left side. That gives it more...
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    Re: What not to wear...

    Ack, I just bought a really cute dress to wear to work without even considering that! LOL, guess that will stay in the closet until fall.
  20. Will this kill my supply? Dropping a feeding at 6 months

    DD just turned 6 months. We started solids last week, some cereal once a day. I just started back at work last month (reduced hours), and pump 3x a day and get JUST what she needs the next day (12...
  21. For those of you taking fenugreek, a few ??

    How long until you noticed an increase in supply?

    Did you stop after your supply was boosted, or do you still take them regularly for maintenance?

    What dose are you taking? I just started 3...
  22. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    Hedera - that's really interesting about the iron in the prenatals, what do you take that doesn't have iron? Mine are from Target and have 28 mg of iron. I'll defintiely make a switch if it means...
  23. Re: What's worse for mik, freezing or scalding?

    Yes, I've discovered for long term storage I definitely have to scald before freezing, but for next day use it seems like I can either scald and refrigerate or not scald and freeze. I guess not...
  24. What's worse for mik, freezing or scalding?

    I recently discovered I have a lipase problem, so I've been experimenting with storage for my milk. For long term storage I definitely have to scald, but it seems that if I freeze immediately it's...
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