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  1. Re: 4 mo- new cracks?? Latch regression?

    Well the crack is no longer visible and there is no more blood in stools/spitup so that's good. But both sides are tenderish when he nurses and the healing side is sore. So... I'll talk to the ped...
  2. 4 mo- new cracks?? Latch regression?

    After two other babies and five years of nonstop breastfeeding you'd think I would have this stuff down but this is throwing me for a loop!

    My third baby is about four months old and we had the...
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    10 days to go!! So excited!

    OK, I'm a bit nerdy to be excited about giving my LO solids, but he seems to be ready now. He sits well unassisted- until he gets distracted and goes plop! He is working on that pincer grasp. He...
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    Re: Scared I'm losing my supply!

    Another thing: it's normal to NOT get engorged after a while. Oatmeal is also good for your supply. I make granola a lot for that reason. You'll get your supply back!
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    Re: sippy cup

    Sorry to hijack, but can an infant really master a straw? How? Just offer it and let him figure it out? Is 6 months too young? If not, I plan to give him a cup w/a straw at his table meals!
  6. Re: Taking a pumping break for soreness?

    I totally know where you're coming from with the soreness! My right breast became DS's favorite early on when I would tense up b/c my left one was so sore. I did pump a few times and had DH feed...
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    Re: Does this happen to your LO?

    I asked the local LC about it and she said it's normal. As she put it, "It's hard work to breastfeed! Try drinking an ounce out of a bottle sometime- it's harder than you think. Breasfeeding is...
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    Re: sleeping thru night

    It shouldn't hurt anything, and he may wake up at 3:30 or 4:30 to eat too. It might be worth trying to let him sleep for a few days and see what it does to your supply. If you see a decrease in...
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    Re: Some semblance of routine?

    :hug That's tough when DH doesn't help the way you would like him to. About not being able to sleep while your LO naps... can you at least lay next to her in your bed and read a book? Even just...
  10. Re: feed on demand, structure/schedule, and engorgement?

    My LO used to do the same thing. Now my body is used to him waking more often through the night so when he sleeps through I wake up HUGE! I sometimes take advantage of that to pump an extra bottle...
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    Re: Funny things your LO does...

    I don't use a cover to NIP anymore. Went to all the trouble to make one when DS was a few months old and only used a few times. I let a little more "hang out" under the cover and DS just fights it....
  12. Re: how often does a 3 week old need to eat at night?

    My LO would do a 5-6 hour stretch from 2 weeks. It lasted a month or two- he feeds more often at night now. It freaked me out at first and I tried waking him to eat but he wouldn't even latch on in...
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    Re: Funny things your LO does...

    DS always has to grab something while nursing- either my shirt, neckline, or lip! He usually keeps the other hand still, but sometimes tries to grab at my side (this tickles like crazy if I'm not...
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    Re: not about breast feeding...

    James Dobson, who is very much pro-corporal punishment, says that it is not appropriate to use that sort of thing until about eighteen months. He says that redirection and using "no" is pretty much...
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    Re: Bad night for my hubby

    Well... DH came home just now and we were talking and he told me "no offense, but your milk tastes awful." Talk about a red flag!! I remembered reading somewhere about lipase so asked if it was...
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    Re: Bad night for my hubby

    He probably could come but he would hate it- it's a choral concert with too much dead time and I'm playing the trumpet part for Hallelujah at the end (but have to be there the whole time). I can't...
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    Bad night for my hubby

    I had a concert tonight and had a bottle pumped and ready to go in the fridge for him to give DS. I left right after nursing, planned on missing one feeding and getting home just in time to do the...
  18. Re: switching sides while clusterfeeding?

    I wouldn't worry about it- nurse to comfort if she's cluster feeding. If you see watery green poops (aka too much foremilk) then start focusing on spending more time on one breast- but if your LO is...
  19. Re: Looking for some help/answers/support :(


    I don't have any specific answers, but I think it's GREAT that you're breastfeeding at all! You are pumping a lot- are you still supplementing with formula or using that milk now? ...
  20. Re: What is the obsession with starting solids????

    That is absolutely ridiculous! Nobody should be telling you what to feed your baby or trying to feed them w/o your permission! COKE??? :yikes

    Luckily my family is supportive of whatever choices...
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    Re: Tips for our first outing?

    :ita with what the pps said. Just wanted to add: you'll be visiting family, right? I have made it my policy not to use a cover with family. Tried it when DS was a few days old and decided to...
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    Re: Desperate! Any suggestions?

    Do you ever try putting her down when she's like that? Maybe she wants some "alone" time. Do you have a swing or little baby gym? Even just a blankie on the floor (on her back if she hates tummy...
  23. Re: Should I be waking my 2 week old up to eat at night?

    They've only had clocks for a short time compared to the history of the human race and we've managed to survive :D

    When my DS was that age I was setting alarms for every 3 hours at night. ...
  24. DS's newest hunger cue and other nursing humor

    So I picked up DS this morning after he was done playing on the floor and hugged him. He latched onto my chin and started sucking. I looked down and saw two big eyes staring at me saying "FEED ME...
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    Re: Do not want to give up

    You sound just like I felt at about 4 weeks, only I didn't have the nipple shield. I went on a family vacation and would watch my SIL nurse her 6-week old in the cradle hold, no problem EVER while I...
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