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    Avoiding OS while EPing

    Hey ladies,
    I need some advice. I have been having some OALD issues with my 5-week old DD, which has led to some fussiness at the breast and gas. We decided to switch to the bottle for a few days to...
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    Re: Help! No let down!

    As a point of clarification, these pumping sessions are to replace a missed feeding. Right now, for example, I am pumping for the second time since he was at the sitter's today. He took 2 bottles,...
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    Help! No let down!

    Greetings ladies,
    I am in a bit of a panic here. My DS is 8 months old, and since I am a teacher, I have been able to nurse him directly over the summer. I have brought out the pump a couple times...
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    pulling at breast - ouch

    Hi all,
    My DS is 7 mo and has been pretty much EBF, though he is starting some solids now. In the past couple weeks, however, I'm starting to have some nipple pain during BFing, which I think is the...
  5. delayed let-down / teething / strike?


    My DS is 6 months old and we are starting to run into some troubles nursing that I could use some advice on. The symptoms are that as soon as I put him down in a position to nurse (across...
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    Re: Weekend nursing miracle?

    Thanks for the encouragement, mommal!
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    Weekend nursing miracle?

    Hi ladies, I need your advice, and I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I have been facing a slow decrease in the amount of milk I am able to pump during my workday as a teacher. I...
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    Re: Pumping in a school?

    I am a teacher and am fortunate to have an office in my classroom this year - alleluia. Since you are asking this question, I assume that is not true for you. Sorry. If you have your own classroom,...
  9. Quick survey: How many feedings @ night?

    Just wondering how many times y'all feed your babies at night. Please post age and weight if possible as well... Just trying to gauge what's normal.
  10. Re: Spits up more at breast than bottle

    I think it's possible - when he was younger, he used to cough and splutter at the breast. He seems perfectly happy to take it all in now, but I can try it. Thanks, all.
  11. Spits up more at breast than bottle

    Hi all,
    I have a 15-week old son. It seems that he spits up more after breastfeeding than he does when he takes EBM from a bottle. We use Playtex drop-ins with a newborn nipple. He is gaining weight...
  12. Re: Baby fussing at breast before bed-HE

    Thank you all for your helpful advice. We had one bad feeding session and one wonderful feeding session tonight, so at least my hope is restored a bit.

    @lllmeg: The quote you pulled was referring...
  13. Re: Baby fussing at breast before bed-HE

    At night, DS usually nurses between 12 & 2, though it's been 11:30 or so the past couple of nights. He then nurses again at around 5. I typically take that first feeding and allow my husband to take...
  14. Baby fussing at breast before bed-HELP!

    I have a 12-week old baby boy, and have recently gone back to work as a teacher. I now pump before I leave for work @ 6 a.m., middle of day @ 11 a.m., and then come home to either nurse him or pump...
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