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    Re: 12.5 mo nursing strike

    Is he teething or does he maybe have an ear infection? My son has reacted that way when the actual suction of nursing brings pain...ie:teething.

    Just an idea.

    I'd keep offering/pumping if he...
  2. Re: Night shift questions--I'm really anxious!!

    I work as a nurse too, the dreaded 12's. At first I came straight home and just took care of my son. He's not a great napper either, so I was just a grumpy zombie. Then hubby's work decided they...
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    Re: So we're here, now what?

    It all sounds familiar to me! I'm reaching that point too...where people tend to respond with 'What, you're still BF?'

    Just realize, the time will soon pass (didn't the first year fly by?) and...
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    Re: how long did you nurse

    My little guy is 10 mos. now, and we'll go for as long as he wants. He has food allergies, so that means I have to stay soy/dairy free for as long as he wants to keep BF, but that's fine. It's...
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