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  1. Re: takes longer to empty breast than be

    ic, thanks for the info
  2. Re: takes longer to empty breast than be

    btw, marshmallow as herb? where can I get it?
  3. Re: takes longer to empty breast than be

    I do wear those bras that can hold the breastshields and make pumping hands free. and I only pump at work, I bf in the evening and at night. Although I like to DS to spend more time on the breasts,...
  4. Re: takes longer to empty breast than be

    yes I pump at work, maybe i should try changing the membrane, but does the size of the shield go up? i have been using 27mm for 4 months. This sounds like shopping for bras :lol
  5. takes longer to empty breast than before

    DS is just over four months old and for the past week or so, I feel it takes longer time for me to pump and empty my breasts than before. I used to pump every 3-4 hours for 15 mins during the day,...
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    Re: feeding during weekend

    thanks everyone, I think I can have 5oz extra each day, and with the morning pump on Monday, I'd be able to make up 3-5oz for Monday's feeding.:love
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    Re: How much in a bottle?

    ds is 11 weeks old, i usually store 3-5oz bottles for his day, and he usually just take 3-4 oz per setting and 3 times before I get home, but lately he can finish 5 oz, maybe he's having another...
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    feeding during weekend

    Hi all, i'm a newbie here, I have a quick question about if you pump at work and use the pumped milk for the next day use, do you still do the same on the weekends? I'd like to freeze my Friday's...
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