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  1. It's so nearly over for me - Please help!

    I am feeding twins - Well, I was feeding them until I was forced to formula feed them.
    Please help me regain my milk flow - without medication is there any other ways I can produce more milk?...
  2. Re: Is it.. Poor latch, Thrush or 'Just' soreness?

    Thank you !
    I've still got a nasty pain through my nipple - I am registering with a new GP tomorrow and hope to see them asap about this.. :-(

  3. Is it.. Poor latch, Thrush or 'Just' soreness?

    Hello everyone, Thanks for taking the time to look, read and hopefully reply to my post!

    I live in the UK, so not sure if we have 'lactation consultants'

    My babies (Twin girls) are 3 weeks...
  4. Re: What do you think I should do? Any advice is welcomed.

    I'm afraid I don't really have any advice, apart from - Perhaps she smells the milk on your breast to latch on properly?
    Maybe try hand expressing a little then try latch her on?
    I hope it all...
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    Re: Trouble with freestyle

    Hi there!
    I'm not sure what model my Medela was but I had simular problems, and I found that it made me really really sore, So sore I cracked and bled!
    I hope someone in the know pops along soon...
  6. Re: suggestions for a new breastpump.

    I had an electric Medela breast pump with my first DD, I hated it!
    It's nipple part was far too long and wide, I have huge nipples and it stretched mine even further, Which then they cracked, bled...
  7. Re: Breastfeeding And Eating At The Same Time

    I would say as everyone else has said...!
    The only reason I'd see it as 'not to be done' is with extremly hot food etc..
    I've got twins and believe me, If I didn't eat whilst I am feeding them.....
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    Re: Nipple shield

    Hi there!
    I am new here but I'd also suggest carry on what your doing!
    I'd try to keep the milk supply as long as possible and if it means using a shield, go for it hun!
    Your doing really well and...
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