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    Re: Medela Harmony Pump

    Copied directly from Harmony instruction booklet:

    Disassemble the SoftFit breastshield, pump body, valve, membrane and bottle.

    All parts are to be disassembled and washed separately for the...
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    Re: Pumping taking too long

    The LC checked this too. I use 27mm on one side & 30mm on the left

    I've replaced everything else
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    Re: Pumping taking too long

    My PISA is 4yo, but I had it checked out by the lactation consultants who had a gauge to measure the suction and it is all good. The LC seems to think I'd respond better to a pump with slower...
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    Pumping taking too long

    I just started back to work last week. I am using the same PISA as I used with DD1. It is taking my over 40 min to pump with minimal results unless I crank it up so high as to tear the skin on my...
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    Re: How much to pump?

    I used to leave three 4 oz bottles of bm when I went back to work and had to take DD to daycare from about 7:30am to 4:30-5 pm. Sometimes I would leave 5 oz., but she never increased more than that...
  6. Re: Introducing cow's milk without weaning

    It will be fine if you want to try giving her some whole milk, but it isn't necessary. When DD was almost 14 months, I had to go away for 4 days to a conference. We had started giving DD cow's milk...
  7. Re: Traveling and pumping?? where to store milk?

    If you can't get a room with a mini-fridge, I have heard other mothers on this list say that the hotel was very accommodating about keeping the milk in the hotel's kitchen freezer. You can call and...
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    Re: how does your lo "ask"?

    My DD signs milk when she wants to nurse. I love that she has a way to communicate that need and that it is discreet.
  9. Re: Funny (or not so funny) Pumping Mishap in my office!

    I've had the overflow thing happen to me while pumping at work and typing on the computer. What a funny story!
  10. Re: Whole milk at home, breastfeed at home??

    I know exactly how you feel. I was pumping 3x/day at workand only getting 2 bottles worth by the time DD was 13 mos. Stressful since she normally drank 3 bottles while at daycare all day. I had to go...
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    Re: hands free pumpin?

    You need a hand-free pumping bra. I have the Easy Expressions bustier http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/ I just lift up my shirt, put the bustier over my nursing bra, and I'm all set. It works...
  12. Re: Calling on a leader...for help with a wohm and extended bfing!

    Erin, thanks for starting this thread. I have also been struggling the past few to pump enough during my 3 pumping sessions at work to send ebm to daycare for DD. I have been off for Xmas break the...
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    Re: Going away for the weekend

    When you say you pump exactly what your LO needs for the next day, do you mean you pump that all at work? Can you try to add a pumping session in during the evenings, possibly after your LO goes to...
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    Re: Being ok with baby needing less

    Erin, I have the same questions you do. While my DD is definitely nursing less, she has still been drinking the same amount at daycare. So I have still been pumping 3x day :( in order to give her 3...
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    Re: how to pump when....

    It takes a few times for your body to adjust to pumping. That being said, it shouldn't hurt. Are your breast shields/flanges the right size? Try lubricating them with olive oil so there is less...
  16. Re: 16montholdneedto leave for 4 days out of state

    Try not to worry. It will be fine. I have had to leave my DD twice now for four days and will have to do so again in mid-January. She always picks back up where we left off. Remember that our LOs...
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    Re: Should Pumping Hurt?

    No, pumping definitely shouldn't hurt. You may need a bigger horn/breastshield
    . Also, try lubricating the horn/breastshield with olive oil. It's safe for baby. I had to get bigger breastshields and...
  18. Re: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

    My DD will be 1 on Sunday. I still send 4 bottles to daycare each day. She still drinks 3 of those. The fourth is "just in case." While I'm sooo ready to be done with pumping, I want to make sure she...
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    Re: Help from Moms of 11-Month Olds..?

    I started back to work f/t when DD was 8 weeks old. Yes, it was hard, but in my case, we simply didn't have a choice. DD's schedule is different depending on whether she is at daycare or at home.
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    Re: Wits End

    I'm glad things are looking up for you. Yes, this forum is great. We've all gone through it before. Breastfeeding turned out to be so much harder than I thought it would be, but I'm...
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    Re: Echinacea

    I found these references for you:

    kellymom: http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/ref/herbs_e.html
    In normal doses, Echinacea is among the herbs generally recognized as safe for pregnant and lactating...
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    Re: Not pumping enough!

    I know it is worrisome when we can't pump enough for our LOs during the day. How much does your LO drink while you are working?

    Your pumping output sounds fine. I don't think you have a low supply...
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    Re: help, what should i do?

    If her diaper output is good and she doesn't appear hungry, she's probably fine. It is normal for your breasts to not feel as full as they used to, but it doesn't mean that you aren't making enough...
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    Re: quickest way to heat up ebm?

    DH didn't like putting the bottle in a mug of warm water to heat it (I don't know why, it seems so easy). He insisted we buy a bottle warmer which he loves. He has experimented and knows just how...
  25. Re: problem with teeth digging into my skin while nursing

    I don't have any ideas for you, but I wanted to let you know that I recently went through this. Her teeth were actually only digging into me on one side. Although I favored the side that didn't hurt,...
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