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    Re: NIP 20 month old

    I don't nurse my guy in public simply because he doesn't ask to or if he does it's because he's bored and I can distract him some other way. But if he needed to or really wanted, I absolutely...
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    Re: Falling asleep without nursing?

    We did the same thing, it took a while but we are now at the point where I can put my 14 month old in his crib sleepy and he will go to sleep on his on. He also sleeps through the night now. ...
  3. 14 month old not nursing very much

    He nurses first thing in the morning, very briefly for his 10am nap, I offer in the afternoon but he is starting to push me away more and more and then one last time at bedtime. He eats great,...
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    Re: Birth Control while Nursing?

    After reading about all the different pills, I was concerned about my supply and the hormones so I went with an IUD even though we may try for another soon. I have a copper, no hormones. (My...
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    Re: Very sad - might have to stop BFing

    Mama I took Zoloft and bf my son. Please double check Dr. Hale's site, as I understand very little is passed into breastmilk.
  6. Re: What is the cutest (or one of the cutest) things your LO has done?

    One of the cutest things DS has ever done is run up to me while I am sitting on the floor with him, indicate he wants to nurse, and then squats down next to me to latch on. I don't know why it...
  7. Re: "He has 8 teeth, isn't he biting you, mom?" DS Ped

    That's awful. I never used to think so badly of formula but these forums have opened my eyes to the ways of the formula companies. So glad I have this resource!!

    I'll never forget what my first...
  8. Re: "He has 8 teeth, isn't he biting you, mom?" DS Ped

    Ryan bit for a short period of time and it would have ended sooner had I known not to react to it. What worked was just ending the nursing session with no fuss. If he really wanted to nurse, he...
  9. Re: "He has 8 teeth, isn't he biting you, mom?" DS Ped

    I have been through several doctors in this area, I think it's just that bf is so uncommon around here. (I have never seen another mama NIP) I like Ryan's pediatrician for the most part. He just...
  10. Re: "He has 8 teeth, isn't he biting you, mom?" DS Ped

    And we are still nursing and it's over a year. We'll wean when we're ready and not before!
  11. "He has 8 teeth, isn't he biting you, mom?" DS Ped

    At my son's year checkup, his ped made that comment. I said, well he has bitten me in the past but I taught him not to by just ending the nursing session when he bites and soon he learned if he...
  12. Re: Not normal to nurse all night at 6 months?

    We don't co-sleep and my son is nearly a year old and rarely sleeps all the way through without nursing at least once. I have his one year checkup Monday and I know the doctor is going to tell me to...
  13. Almost to one, thanks to my husband?

    Yes, you read that right. Sunday is Ryan's 1st birthday and we are still breastfeeding with no end in sight. So why did I give my husband credit too? Because he gently encouraged me to continue in...
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    Re: Always nurses to sleep

    I always nursed my son to sleep, he will be a year old on Sunday. Then one day about two weeks ago he nursed at bedtime for a long while, popped off, squirmed a lot so I laid him in his crib. He...
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    Re: Need HELP please!

    Just wanted to chime and say that if you are getting enough diapers and have good weight gain not to worry. My son nursed like that for the first few months, I watched a ton of movies, read, surfed...
  16. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    I don't know when you are leaving but just fyi my pump didn't work so great after a while either and I replaced the white valve things and it worked really well again.
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    Re: When should I night wean?

    Thanks for reminding me about molars! I totally forgot about them coming soon, I'm not doing any type of night weaning until we get through all of them. I am very tired, I don't get any breaks from...
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    When should I night wean?

    My 11 month old still nurses at night. He eats plenty during the day, nurses during the day, etc. We do not co-sleep as a rule. I have a bed in his room that I can co-sleep with him if he is sick...
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    Re: sick momma, milk won't let down

    Thanks, mamas. I got my milk to let down finally, the baby just had to work for it! I don't think it's mastitis. I had it before and I have no lumps or soreness in either breast. I have a sore...
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    sick momma, milk won't let down

    Ladies I am running a mild fever with severe body aches and headache. I am trying to nurse but my milk will not let down. I took a percocet so I can function. Because otherwise I am in soo much...
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    Re: Cheerios!

    My son grabs my husbands nipples anytime he sees them. It makes me laugh every time. He doesn't try to nurse, he just pinches and pulls. Makes the husband yelp. :lol
  22. Re: how often does your 8 month old nurse?

    My DS is 9 months now and he eats oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt and sometimes a little toast or some cheerios for lunch and finger foods plus a jar of Earths Best for supper. He nurses 7 or 8 times...
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    Re: Fustrated w/ my dr

    I was seriously depressed after the birth of my son and finally talked to a doctor. I take zoloft, just 50mg a day, and it has been night and day for me. My depression, anxiety and mood swings are...
  24. Re: PLEASE HELP Biting at almost 9 months

    He is also pushing away and trying to get down when he bites. He doesn't show any signs at all of being sick, no fever, very happy kid. It's like he doesn't want to nurse anymore. He's had bottles...
  25. PLEASE HELP Biting at almost 9 months

    I posted about my nearly 9month old not nursing very much. Well I have new problem now. He is now biting. HARD. He bit when he first got teeth, but I didn't react and just ended the session. The...
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