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    Re: how much should he cry??

    Sounds like my little guy at that age! He was labeled high needs...the dreaded colicy baby! One way to tell if your baby might have colic is to look at the rule of "threes": it begins within the...
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    Re: Hooray for baby-led!

    Don't worry! We only held onto the food and let him taste it as he wanted...he was getting somewhat frustrated that he couldn't get those slippery little pieces close enough to his mouth to explore....
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    Re: Hooray for baby-led!

    That's so funny! We recently just started our DS the exact same way on solid foods...baby led with watermelon and banana! As you can see from my pics, he didn't seem to like these goodies as much...
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    Re: The Breastfeeding Diet

    I found that my weight seemed to come off in fits & starts (DS is now nearly 6 months and I'm just below my pre-pregnancy weight). For me, the weight really seemed to come off during LO's growth...
  5. Re: how to put an avent isis manual pump together?

    I hope this helps:
  6. Re: How do you get your little one to sleep?

    My DS is 5 months and we still swaddle him for sleep (and then I nurse him down). He was too strong for a regular blanket at about 1 month, so I sewed a Miracle Blanket knock-off out of cotton knit...
  7. Re: What do you consider essential for a new breastfeeding mom??

    At the beginning, I found my breastfeeding pillow an essential. A good book (such as the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding) is also a real help.
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    Re: Cutsie Names for Breastfeeding

    DH and I both like to say it's time for boobie juice!
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