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    Re: It is finished

    Your story is so inspiring, it sounds like breastfeeding for you went just the way breastfeeding is supposed to. Your little girl weaned herself when she was ready. That is exactly what I want to...
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    Re: How to season/flavor tofu?

    I have wondered about the tofu question too, I love tofu, but I am not too crazy about it plain. Thanks for the ideas :)
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    Re: meal ideas for 10 month lo

    My daughter is almost 10 mo. too and I just looked at that thread and it gave me some great ideas, thanks for posting it.
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    Re: Grazing like a cow :)

    I understand, I am constantly hungry too, especially now that I am pumping more...But I haven't been able to keep up with my exercising recently, so I am a little concerned. I need to be more...
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    Re: please help ready to cry!

    My daughter is almost 10 mo. and doing the same thing. I have been pumping to keep up my supply because she is not eating as much as she used to at all. Her output still appears fine, and she is a...
  6. Re: Opposition growing as baby gets older

    My father-in-law has always been very supportive of my breast-feeding my daughter, but he just told me last night that he thought that I should stop at 12 mo., (my FIL is a family practice doctor). ...
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    Re: Am I an evil mother?

    I will chime in with the other posts, you are not an evil mother, you are just trying to satisfy your child's needs. My daughter uses a pacifier, I started it with her when she was six weeks. I...
  8. Re: 9 hour flight with LO,any suggestions?

    I took a 8 hour flight with my daughter when she was 2 1/2 mo., and then a nine hour flight when she was almost 6 mo. I agree with all of the previous posts about helpful things to do, especially...
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    Re: diaper rash

    This is going to sound crazy, but what I have found that works the best is just good ol vaseline. It is true! I started using that when we were in Africa, it was the only thing available, and that...
  10. Re: Ok to start then stop solids???

    With my dd I started and stopped solids too, and then started again. We started rice cereal at 5 1/2 mo., then I backed off on that and didn't try again until 7 mo. Then we were really sporadic...
  11. Re: Do you get this ALOT from people?

    I had a lot of trouble with comments and well meaning individuals telling me that I was feeding my baby too often too. Just ignore them, it simply isn't true. Your baby needs to be fed, so feed...
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    Re: Poop (or lack of)

    That happened to us too. Just a small amount of solids changed my baby's poop greatly. We actually have struggled with constipation since we have started solids, because her stool changed so much. ...
  13. Re: When did your baby begin to sleep through night?

    My baby girl is almost 10 mo. and wakes up 1-2 times a night to nurse. Sometimes she has a bad night and wakes up three times, and that is tough, but I can handle 1-2 times ok. I know someday she...
  14. Re: Been a bit lazy with solids....8 month DD

    I have done something similar with my daughter, we were pretty inconsistent with the solid thing until just recently, probably about when she turned 9 mo. Then she really seemed to need the solid...
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    Re: What the heck is in my milk?

    I look at my daughter and am just amazed at how she has been able to grow and thrive just from what is being manufactured in my body. It is incredible. For awhile, she was growing an inch a month,...
  16. Re: when I'm up during the wee hours...

    I agree, I have appreciated all of the counsel so much. My husband doesn't get it, but that is ok, he doesn't need to. This forum has really helped me to be a better mom to my daughter and that is...
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    Re: Sweet potato

    I have tried several ways, but the way that my lo likes her sweet potato the best is baked, (or microwaved), and then mashed. I haven't tried giving it to her in small pieces yet so that she can...
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    Re: airline tickets and travel

    I and my baby have flown all over the US, I am not kidding, she is actually a really good traveler. I have found though, that the older she gets, the harder it is to fly, (i.e. the more wriggly she...
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    Re: constipated...please help

    I'm trying to think back to what my daughter's were like at seven mo....I think when she wasn't struggling with the constipation, they were soft, but somewhat formed, not liquidy at all. We weren't...
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    Re: Deployed Sailor Mom needs advice

    Wow, your post almost made me cry, I am just in awe of your commitment. I hope that you get a long time with your baby girl to make up for the time that you have been away. I hope that everything...
  21. Re: Eating solids but still drinking as much breastmilk

    I agree with the previous posts. My daughter, 9.5 mo, seems to nurse as much as she did before we started solids, but the amount of solids that she is eating seem to be rising. I bf her, then pump,...
  22. Re: not usre wwhere to put this but I'm starting to panic!

    Awwww..no wonder you are worried, I would be too. I am not the most informed about this issue but was just wondering if she was taking any kind of liquids at all. That would be what I would be...
  23. Re: How much solids at 8-10 months?

    Sounds like enough to me too, my dd doesn't eat very much either, unless it is fruit, she loves her fruit. She still bf ever 3-4 hours, and she isn't a chunky baby but seems to be normal in every...
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    Re: constipated...please help

    My daughter has had a really hard time with constipation the last 2 mo. or so. Her stools were HUGE! Honestly I had no idea that a baby could poop anything that size, I felt so bad for her, and...
  25. Re: Any tips on using Gerber Seal n Save bags?

    Thank you both so much for the feedback, I will start using the bags tonight, thanks for your help.
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