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    nursing position changes for growing toddler?

    How has your nursing position changed with your growing toddler? My 14 month old just went through a big growth spurt and it's no longer comfortable to support her on my lap with just one arm and my...
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    Re: my mother-in-law...

    Oh yuck! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! I just want to let you know you're not alone. My MIL as well is a royal pain in a similar sense. She says similar things and likes to treat my...
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    Re: crying mommy alert - did i do the right thing?

    Could this be a nursing strike?

    Also, I read in the book "My Child Won't Eat" by Carlos Gonzalez that some time around 3-4 months (has been a while since I read the book) babies tend to start to...
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    Re: toddler waking with gas pains

    She's just over 13 months. She has molars coming in (they're part way through). Thanks for the input... I sure hope it's teething! In the past I've given her Tylenol but it's hard to tell if it's the...
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    toddler waking with gas pains

    My 13 month old daughter occasionally (over the past couple of months) has been waking with what I think are terrible gas pains. When it happens, it only happens once during the night and after she's...
  6. Re: My son is having problems with eating solids.......

    Hi, my daughter is almost a year old and she still nurses quite often and doesn't eat much. Part of the reason is that she has a very sensitive gag reflex and is a very slow eater because of it. She...
  7. Re: 11 month old not wanting to unlatch (also night nursing)

    Thanks for the input! She must have been preparing for something because last night she was up every two hours! (She did that once a couple months ago and woke up bigger the next morning... well, you...
  8. 11 month old not wanting to unlatch (also night nursing)

    My daughter (who will be a year on 2/22) has not been wanting to unlatch lately most of the time when I nurse her. I'm worried about her teeth, but feel bad when I take her off (which is sometimes...
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