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  1. Re: Supply affected from one night out?

    Ok, phew. Thanks maddieb! Things were a bit better over the last 12 hours... LO had a hard time going to sleep and had a rough night but I don't think they were related to supply issues. He...
  2. Supply affected from one night out?

    Hi everyone!

    My husband took me out to the movies for my birthday. I left behind milk (5 oz) for DS. I fed him before we left at 3 pm and planned on pumping after the movie at around 6 pm. But...
  3. Re: Newborn Not Satisfied After Nursing

    I just wanted to post quickly to say that I know what you are going through. DS is eating the same way. Sometimes he is on the breast for 2+ hours just nursing, falling asleep, waking up in 10 mins...
  4. Re: Worried because of poop color... Help!

    Every now and then we get some lime green in there with DS (7 weeks)! I remember with my DD we went through a period of time when she was having medium/kelly green poops. I totally freaked out but...
  5. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    It's really hard to know what's normal and what needs adjustment - that's what makes this period so tough for moms and babies. I think we all appreciate different view points and experiences :)
  6. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    I am going through the same thing! DS is 7 weeks and is having terrible gas pains especially at night. I try to burp him a lot too. We are in the process of getting a referral for his tongue tie to...
  7. Re: 10 weeks old feeds every hour day and night

    I'm in a similar boat with my little 4 week old DS! During the day, he eats for 20 minutes then gives me a 20-40 minute break and then wants to nurse again. All. day. long. And I have a toddler, so...
  8. Re: Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    Thank you everyone for sharing!!!! I definitely appreciate your words of encouragement and am happy to hear that things may be a little easier this time around. Last time, I started off with a...
  9. Re: 3 1/2 week old not up to birth weight yet

    Have you tried nursing her as soon as she wakes up? If she's been asleep already, maybe she'll be more likely to stay awake to eat, rather than fall asleep after 3-5 mins of nursing? Something to try...
  10. Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    Hi everyone!

    I've been away for a long time, and I really appreciate all the help and support I got from you all when I was nursing my DD. She's 2 1/2 now and absolutely wonderful - always eating...
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    Re: Should I worry? Weight dropping

    Hi Mama! Welcome to the forum :) I think I would look for a second opinion as well, but I would also encourage you not be totally freaked out. We have friends who's daughter has always had a small...
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    Re: Day Weaning?

    Okay - we have a "check up" from the last ear infection on Wednesday of next week, but I might call on Monday and see if we can come early. I don't normally give her juice, but I just wanted to see...
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    Day Weaning?

    Hi everyone!

    DD is 11 months and we are SO CLOSE to making it to the one year mark. This was my goal for bfing and after all sorts of ups and downs, we are almost there! However, lately she has...
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    Re: Help

    :ita PP! How often is she eating day and night? How many wet diapers are you having in a 24 period? Pumping output is a pretty unreliable way to judge your supply, but if she's having 6-8 wet diapers...
  15. Re: Breast feeding and sex (or lack of)

    Hey mama! I think it's pretty normal to feel a little less "in the mood" haha I know that I'm not as into it right now as my DH, but I try to make the effort even if I'm not totally into it. I...
  16. Re: baby crying after let down stops

    Hi mama! You could also try switching sides when he starts to get fussy! My DD does not like to stay on long while waiting for letdown #2, so I switch her as soon as she pops off. Something to try...
  17. Re: Can't go on like this - I need to sleep!

    :ita to PP. I'm so sorry that you are exhausted! It can seem like switching to formula will make things easier, but the likelihood is that it will just make you more mad that every 2 hours you need...
  18. Re: Help - Is my baby gaining sufficient weight?

    I agree with PP :) Is she starting to become mobile or is she learning something new? This might account for the slow down of the weight gain (more calories going out due to movement/milestone) and...
  19. Re: Am I at risk for being lopsided?

    I am lopsided! DD prefers the left more than the right. I try to get her started on the right most times, but she'll only take it for a few seconds as my right side needs the left to letdown first...
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    Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    Haha idk, it's just my opinion, I guess. The thought of my daughter trying to latch onto my mother makes me very uncomfortable. It's pretty obvious that many people are perfectly fine with it, so...
  21. Re: 11 month old ...sleep battle continues

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes :)
  22. Re: 11 month old ...sleep battle continues

    I'm so sorry that you are so tired mama! I can only imagine what it's like being up so often - DD had some reverse cycling for 2 days (up every hour) and I was completely exhausted. So major hugs for...
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    Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    Haha well I guess I'm the abnormal one then :)
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    Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    Well... quite frankly I think it's abnormal for you to let your son latch anywhere but your own breasts, and for your mother to let him take her breast out to nurse, but that's just my opinion. I've...
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    Re: Frequent feeding help

    Hi Mama! My DD was eating every 2-3 hours day and night until about 2 weeks ago - she is 10.5 weeks old :) She is also a quick eater. At this point in your LO's life, he might just be becoming...
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