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  1. Re: Major nipple confusion/rejection!!


    I started to suspect my c-section wound had become infected and started emailing my doc asking to come in and have it looked at. For 3 days I was told it 'sounded ok' and basically...
  2. Re: Major nipple confusion/rejection!!

    Well, what we came to agree on was basically that if I can make more milk, baby will breastfeed better. So now I'm trying to 're-lactate'. taking a ton of fenugreek, pumping hourly, etc. The only...
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    Re: Recommitted to BFing

    No, just burning like they've been messed with too much...just sore. I think the sheilds are too small for me. I will need to get more but going into the holiday weekend who knows when!
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    Re: Recommitted to BFing

    This marathon pumping is killing my nipples. They arent cracked...but they're burning. What can I do to ease the pain?
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    Re: Recommitted to BFing

    The good news is my OB just emailed me that she will call it in to the pharmacy tomorrow! Here's hoping I can pick it up before the holiday. :fingers
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    Recommitted to BFing

    Hello ladies!

    So, the first two weeks were great. Then I got an infection that kept me from BFing. Then I think I had some plugged ducts, that made getting back up to speed after the infection a...
  7. Re: Major nipple confusion/rejection!!

    I'm going to give that a try tonight. We actually just had about 10 good minutes which is the best its been in days, and I made an appointment with an LC for tomorrow!
  8. Re: Major nipple confusion/rejection!!

    Im trying to flip her from side to side, but the fussiness is pretty much immediate now. In fact today I havent been able to get her to suck for more than 30 seconds without her crying histerically.
  9. Major nipple confusion/rejection!!


    I really need help :(

    My daughter (5 weeks) was exclusively breastfed for the first 3 weeks. Then I went on antibiotics for an infection for a few days, when she had to go on formula....
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    Blocked ducts?


    I posted a few days back about BFing/pumping, since then alot has gone down and I have a new concern, hoping for some help.

    I developed an infection in my c-sec wound that landed me in...
  11. Re: Suggested BF/pumping schedule for 2 week old

    Actually no, I just nurse her in the glider, or while sitting up in bed, or on the sofa. I'm thinking maybe trying out co-sleeping is the next step.
  12. Re: Suggested BF/pumping schedule for 2 week old

    I guess I am a little overly-eager to get organized :) Thanks for the advice.
  13. Re: Suggested BF/pumping schedule for 2 week old

    You know, try as I might, I just cant seem to sleep during the day. Even when I feel exhausted and make it dark, etc...seems like my internal clock just knows its daytime.

    But I'm ok with nixing...
  14. Re: Suggested BF/pumping schedule for 2 week old

    So far, I have found time at some point in the day (no real pattern as to when) to pump. Then at midnight I go to sleep and my husband feeds her at 3am and 5-6am by the bottle, so I can get some rest.
  15. Suggested BF/pumping schedule for 2 week old


    Hoping to find some help here! Baby J is 13 days old today. Between recovering from the c-section (+ dealing with the pain meds making me constantly sleepy), and all of the visits from...
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