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    Re: Will This Turn Into A Habit??

    My son did the same thing. And you know what, it actually made me happy to know that I (my boobie) was all he needed to settle down:love He is about 4 mo. now, and he still needs to be nursed down...
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    Re: How soon did you start nursing in bed?

    We are just starting to get the hang of it. Landon will be 4 mo. on the 28th. I as afraid to do it because I thought he wasn't going to burp, and get all gassy, then I realized he never burped at...
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    dry cheeks

    do ya'll think it would be ok to rub a little coco butter on my sons dry cheeks, and chin? Would it protect them from the weather? He's almost 4 mo.
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    Re: pumping to build up supply?

    humm...im not so sure about that. I'm trying to increase my supply so that i can pump enough to keep lo happy for 8 hrs 2x a week. I was only able to pump .5 oz a session, now im up to almost 2 oz,...
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    Re: pumping to build up supply?

    That's what I did last week, now I have MILK! I am planning to do it for two more days b/f school starts, but its pretty cool, you can pump more while the LO nurses, and you get a full let down!:) ...
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    Re: this might be a dumb question...

    Welcome to the forum, I love it here, all the gals have really helped me...and I like to think that I may have helped someone too!:hug
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    Re: i cant stop eating!!!!

    Wow, me too. I've been BFing for almost four months now, and I had a very little appetite up until about two weeks ago, and now I cant seem to get full. I thought I was pregnant also, I still...
  8. Temas: Bottles

    by landons mom

    Re: Bottles

    My LO wouldn't take a bottle for a while, we tired almost everything, I finally got Dr. Browns, they worked ok, then I switched to the brown Playtex nipples, and he takes those great, and the flow...
  9. Re: Screaming after nursing, trying to poop????

    Our ped. put LO on vitamins because he was strictly BF, but I take a prenatal, and he didn't like them and spit them out. So I just Don't give him the drops anymore. He is perfectly fine w/o them,...
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    new ac adapter?

    Does any one know where I could get a new AC adapter for my medela pump?
  11. Re: Should I keep baby in the room while in hosptial?

    I would say if your not too tired, absolutely!! I had my LO with me just about the entire time. I was in the hospital for 3 days and three nights. The night before I had to go home, I knew I...
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    Re: not taking a bottle

    Legally you should be able to pump at work on a regular basis. maybe you could ask your supervisor or boss about it! good luck.:)
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    Re: Co-Sleeping Concerns

    I seriously came on today to post the same exact message. My son is 3 months, and I've felt the pressure to conform to the American culture. I just don't want to, and after reading your posts, I...
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    Re: Thrush????????

    I think it would be best if you hit the pediatrician. she'll give you something like diflucan for your baby, its about a two week administration of meds. You can also go to your OB and get...
  15. Re: I have to wean...and he just won't have it!

    Thank you! to every one. This forum is wonderful! I scheduled for classes the other day. I made sure i had at least an hour between each one. My MIL lives about 5 min. from the college, so I'm...
  16. Re: 8 weeks old, very frequent short feedings

    I def. agree with every one who said to throw out the "should be's". And don't worry, it will get better "this too shall pass." My son did exactly the same thing, my suggestion when he starts...
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    Re: pumping at work - nervous

    stage fright! lol. The first time I ever pumped I had the same problem. The funniest thing but it worked: I would gently rub my armpit, b/c that's what Landon would do, and then I would repeat a...
  18. I have to wean...and he just won't have it!

    OK ladies, I've posted an outlandish possible solution (see nursing in public: nursing at school) but I don't think it would work for me. I am a student, and I am returning back to school on Jan 22....
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    Re: Terrified about going back to work

    Hi. I understand your fears, my son is 3 months old. I was supposed to return to work at 6 weeks. He never adapted to a bottle so I had to quit my job. It was really hard to do, but we make it...
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